Fashionable 2017 Long Winter Coats For Women

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Learn how to embrace few of the most fashionable long winter coats for women trends. The latest designs for fashion coats, vary from oversized and dramatic to fitting and extremely elegant. Choose the fashionable winter coats that complete your casual or office sets perfectly! Before shopping, take a look at these trendy winter coats form the catwalk. Designer’s proposals are so diverse. Take a look at these long coats for women.

Long winter coats for women

We suggest you to invest in a fab trench for the beautiful fall and mild winter days. The long coats for women are perfect to protect your outfits from dust and humidity. On the other hand, if you’re not interested in doing this, make sure you go for the mid-length designs. Shopping for these outerwear pieces must not be a struggle. It should be a real adventure! 🙂

Finding the best texture, tailoring (baggy or body-conscious) and color is fun. Go for pastels if you adore flirty sets, whereas, neutral tones and plaid are more mature and emanate elegance. Famous couturiers like Ralph Lauren, Alberta Ferretti and Valentino used refined fabrics like velvet, tweed and cotton to sculpt these spectacular long winter coats for women.

Long winter coats for women | Trench coats for women

Long winter coats | Long trench coats for women

Long winter coats | Long ankle coats for women

Red winter coat

The fashion crowd responded extremely positively to the appearance of coats for women in various shades of red. The collections of Vivienne Westwood, Dolce&Gabbana and Anya Hindmarch included flower-flooded ladies coats, plaid and metallic trenches as well as classy designs to meet the need of trendsetters.

If you want your outerwear to grab the attention of others and not to be just an accessory, make sure you keep the rest of your outfit simple or monochromatic. Red, be it light or dark is a symbol of femininity especially when it comes to fashion and ladies coats. Purchase designer creations or look for similar long winter coats for women at the local fast-fashion stores or online.

Long winter coats | Red winter coat

Long winter coats | Long red winter coat

Long winter coats | Leather red winter coat

White winter coat

The not soo practical but overwhelmingly beautiful white ladies winter coats have a long history when it comes to runway collections. Fashion houses like Gucci, Delpozo and Chanel are ‘notorious‘ for presenting their dreamy creations during the Fashion Weeks. Most of us, just can’t take the risk of sporting these winter coats everyday, however, if you find the perfect occasion to do it, make sure you have at least one of these stylish winter coats at hand.

Taking care of white clothes is no longer a problem. Numerous designers work on special materials that are more resistant against dust and humidity. Indeed, we will have to wait a few more years until fast-fashion stores will provide us with these. See the examples below for white oversized or kimono type stylish winter coats!

Long winter coats | White winter coat

Long winter coats | White winter coat

Long winter coats | Long white winter coat

Black long coat

The style items you shop reflect your personality and chromatic preferences. A nice and neat outerwear piece in black either from the designer winter coats you’ve spotted on the catwalk or on the shelves of an online store will serve as a central piece for your fall and winter wardrobe. Our team of experts has rounded up a few of the most stylish womens coats that offer you an inspo boost to plan your next shopping session.

Laura de Valencia, Chanel and Miu Miu are some of the brands that refuse to consider black a boring and outdated shade. Top your work or daily outfits with an A-list trench, an XXL tweed coat or a refined velvet design.

Long winter coats | Black long coat

Long winter coats | Midi black long coat

Long winter coats | Black long coat for women

Long leather coat

Leather is uncharted territory for so many of fashionistas. We understand that the majority of women want to melt into the crowd and only some of them promote an inspiring and non-traditional clothing style. However, to look and research is not a sin! Am I right? You can still admire the coolest leather winter coats dreamed up by brands like Derek Lam, Prada and Jil Sander.

Chic trench coats with a simple tailoring are perfect for the autumn days, whereas the fashionable winter coats with fur details or hoodies are perfect to combat cold weather. Brown was definitely a power shade for this year. In addition to earth tones, you’ll find these statement pieces in dark blue, red, burgundy and even white.

Long winter coats | Long leather coat for women

Long winter coats | Leather coat for woman

Long winter coats | Winter leather coat for woman

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Long faux fur coat

Nailing down an accessible and modern look is often a real challenge. Especially, if you are into non-traditional and exceptional items and accessories. Indeed, a women’s long coat manufactured from faux fur will definitely attract the attention of others. Be it in black, earth tones or pastel hues.

Winter coats for women enlisted here are exquisite as is the taste of fashion gurus working at the ateliers of Blumarine, Versace and Fendi. Channel your inner diva by sporting these types of fashion coats for party or casual events. If your workplace allows you to dress as you wish, even better! Then a similar item would be a long-term investment.

Long winter coats | Long faux fur coat

Long winter coats | Long faux fur coat with prints

Long winter coats | Long faux fur coat for ladies

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