Fall-Winter 2016-2017 Trendy Patchwork Coats For Women

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The fabulous mix and matching of various textures and colors gave birth to these fashion-forward fall-winter trendy patchwork coats. Keep your eyes on latest collections and streetwear blogs for inspiration for patchwork designs. Before shopping take a look at these pictures with patchwork coats for women. During he hot days chose to wear a patchwork jacket or a short patchwork coat. Very suitable for the cold days are the patchwork fur coats or the long or midi coats.

2017 Trendy Patchwork Coats

Give your monocolored outerwear pieces a break and sport cool patchwork jacket women’s designs for casual events. In the past seasons minimalism dominated the scene, however, this year we have the privilege to go on a wild side and put on outfit elements that are versatile, retro or more artistic.

If you find yourself thinking hard about a similar investment make sure you look at the examples presented in the shows of Coach 1941, Fausto Puglisi and Etro. You’ll find these coats of many colors in neutral shades like black and white and also in more daring and extravagant chromatic combos with purple, pink, different shades of blue and green.

2017 Trendy Patchwork Coats | Patchwork jacket

2017 Trendy Patchwork Coats | Patchwork jacket for women

2017 Trendy Patchwork Coats | Patchwork jacket for ladies

Short patchwork coat

Stock up on similar short patchwork coats jackets or buy only one item and concentrate your wardrobe around it. We’ve decided to include the faux fur coats, suede and tweed designs into our trend report. Whether you want to doll up for a girls’ night out or you are invited to a formal event during the cold months, make sure you have plenty of outerwear styles to choose from.

Black and blue, beige and many tones of brown are chic pairings for a flirty faux fur patchwork coat. Retail stores keep up with the latest trend and provide you with a diversified selection of similar pieces for an affordable price. Take your friends with you for the next shopping tour! 🙂

2017 Trendy Patchwork Coats | Short fur patchwork coat

2017 Trendy Patchwork Coats | Short patchwork coat for ladies

2017 Trendy Patchwork Coats | Short patchwork coat for women

Patchwork fur coat

While tweed and suede patchwork might seem a bit Hippie-sh, faux fur coat designs for winter emanate refinement and elegance. Putting together the finest pieces of this fabric resulted in real ‘works of art‘. Designers tried to take a more laid-back turn on this trend when they teamed up midi dresses, maxi skirt and jeans with designers coats.

Party sets can be also topped with similar statement items. Moreover, you don’t have to be a highly acclaimed blogger to promote this style wave. Mime on the delicacy of lace tops, shirts and a pair of jeans or cropped pants. Let your long coat or patchwork fur coat speak for your unique style sense and personality! 🙂

2017 Trendy Patchwork Coats | Patchwork fur coat

2017 Trendy Patchwork Coats | Patchwork fur coat for women

2017 Trendy Patchwork Coats | Patchwork fur coat for ladies

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Midi patchwork coat

Shop these midi patchwork designs ahead before everyone will have it! 🙂 Use your fashion knowledge in the art of layering and put on sweaters, blouses or ultra-feminine dresses and complete your sets with the coat of many colors. Geometrical shapes and prints in various shades make you fall for the techno and futuristic movement.

On the other side, you have the faux fur and suede coats that would fit in every fashionistas wardrobe. Gearing up for the cold weather should be fun and inspiring. Mid-length flatters all silhouettes, we have only one suggestion. If you are petite opt for coats that hit right below the knees instead of the mid-calf length. Pick the right style of clothes for yourself!

2017 Trendy Patchwork Coats | Midi patchwork coat

2017 Trendy Patchwork Coats | Midi patchwork coat for women

2017 Trendy Patchwork Coats | Midi patchwork coat for ladies

Help us sum up the latest trendy patchwork coats and fashionable trends with tips and suggestions! 🙂 Which of these trendy coats 2017 you like?

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