Spectacular Cocktail Dresses 2017

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Cocktail dresses are for special parties. The cocktail gown is a dress which can be worn at semi-formal or ‘black ties‘ parties. If at the beginning, the cocktail dress was long touching the ankle, in the modern definition, the cocktail dress party is just a little bellow the knee. Usually is known as a dress worn in the late afternoon. If you have doubts if a dress is a cocktail dress or not, you just have to choose a black party dress or opt for a bright mono color elegant dress. Wear red party dresses, white dresses or you may choose a black and white cocktail dress. Dress it up with fun jewelry. Check out these extremely accessible looks with summer cocktail dresses. You can recreate them without extra effort. Find the frocks that suit your silhouette and personality.

Summer cocktail dresses 2017

Choosing the most-flattering cocktail party dresses for the hot season should be exciting rather than frustrating. Thanks to virtual fashion stores you’ll be able to find numerous sources of inspiration online. Whether you’re into the sequin, lace or ruffle trend, these mini and midi clothes will definitely catch your eye. Combat the negative effect of extremely warm weather conditions with fab dresses sculpted from natural and light textures. Decide on the chromatic palette you prefer and also tailoring designs that bring out the most of your flirty feminine forms. Curvy fashionistas should consider frocks with V or round necklines whereas ladies with a sleek and slim body can opt for high necklines and even turtleneck.

Summer cocktail dresses


Summer cocktail dresses for women

www.boohoo.com Summer cocktail dresses for women

www.bebe.com; www.zara.com

White cocktail dresses

The best part about this timeless trend is that there are several versions of classy frocks that can be sported both by top model silhouettes and even by plus size women. I decided to provide you with a selection of white cocktail dresses 2016 both for the cold and warm months. Short-sleeved versions are ideal to preserve the impeccable aspect of your festive looks. On the other hand, long-sleeve frocks help you look stylish in spite of the ugly weather outside. Long sleeves for plus size dresses are also an option which helps the silhouette problems. Transparent fabric insertions and revealing side-slits are only some of the details that add a feminine touch to these outfits. Keep things minimal when it comes to shoes and jewelries. A tiny clutch and a pair of stilettos are basic ingredients to ultimate success.

White cocktail dresses

www.newlook.com; www.guess.eu

White cocktail dresses for women

www.guess.eu; www.missguided.co.uk

Sexy white cocktail dresses

www.missguided.co.uk; www.lulus.com

Red cocktail dress

Your formal or party wardrobe needs a few unique and exceptional pieces. I suggest you to take a closer look at these chic red evening cocktail dresses. Make sure you try out numerous designs before picking the best piece. I’ve been experimenting both with fabulous midi frocks from flowy texture or lace. In addition to classy tailoring I recommend you to experience the romantic diva allure an off-shoulder and body-conscious dress offers your look. No wonder well-known designers just can’t fight their attraction and admiration for these shades. Start off your search by visiting some of your favorite online stores.

Red cocktail dress


Short red cocktail dress

www.hm.com; www.zara.com

Red cocktail dress for women

www.zara.com; www.lulus.com

Sexy cocktail dresses

Some events allow you to show off your ‘femme-fatale‘ side. Short dresses are often associated with sensuality and a daring attitude. However, in the past few years, fashion houses from all over the world managed to strip these style creations off their vulgar connotation. You’ll see the loveliest and elegant frocks in bright and bold and also neutral tones. Stretchy fabrics are ideal if you want to accentuate your silhouette. On the other hand, you’ll find flared dresses that give you confidence even if you’re body has a few imperfections. Check out these stylish examples from the shelves of A-list online stores.

Sexy cocktail dresses


Short sexy cocktail dresses

www.prettylittlething.com Cocktail dresses for women


Long cocktail dresses

There are dozens of ways to reinvent your festive looks. How about going for the long party dresses trend that dominates the red carpet and special events. You might think that a similar dress gives your outfit a dramatic and overdressed air. Fashionable and well-known brands demonstrate you that you are wrong. Designers managed to come up with a chic line-up of cocktail party dress designs that are extremely accessible. Add a touch of refinement to your formal looks with velvet, lace and other precious fabrics. Play it safe with the designs and details that make your feel comfortable and attractive! 🙂 Use them also as wedding guest dresses.

Long cocktail dresses

www.hm.com Elegant long cocktail dresses

www.missguided.co.uk Elegant long cocktail dresses for women


Black and white cocktail dresses

There are plenty of outfit options that allow you to step out of your comfort zone. This is not one of them. According to stylists, literally everyone can nail down the black and white party dresses trend. The tailoring and length is the game changer. When’s a more perfect occasion to try out similar looks than a cocktail party or a festive event. The fit and flare dress is a top alternative, in addition there is the optical illusion and midi frock that entered our wish list. Whatever design you choose combine it with a pair of black booties or pumps and a stylish clutch.

Black and white cocktail dresses

www.bebe.com Black and white cocktail dresses for women

www.boohoo.com Short black and white cocktail dresses for women

www.forevernew.com.au; www.guess.eu

Elegant cocktail dresses

When a special holiday or event is on the horizon, make sure you have a similar cocktail party dress at hand. I am super-excited to provide you with a few suggestions for trendy dresses ! 🙂 I have included the cocktail dresses with sleeves long or short in our cold-season favorites. Velvet is officially my favorite texture for this year that radiates elegance. For the warm days my vote goes out for the off-shoulder dresses. These allow you to show some skin without being too under-dressed. While I wish we could wear these lovely style creations several times a year, they can still be considered central items of a modern and complete wardrobe.

Elegant cocktail dresses


Elegant cocktail dresses for women


Cocktail dresses for women


Black cocktail dresses

If you’re not actually a flair-hunter and neutrals are not too boring for you, make sure you complete your wardrobe with a little black or midi dress. Black cocktail dresses with sleeves are definitely ‘in‘ when it comes to party dresses. Also, you can break out from a style rut with an off-shoulder frock design that emanates romance. A neutral color palette is not always associated with lack of inspiration. Black is a timeless shade omnipresent in the collections of famous designers. Choose your accessories to top your sets according to the season. Fortunately an all black outfit allows you to go wild with the footwear designs and jewelry you wear.

Black party dresses

www.guess.eu; www.prettylittlething.com

Black party dresses for women

www.prettylittlething.com; www.zara.comBlack cocktail dresses for women

www.zara.com; www.forevernew.com.au

Long sleeve cocktail dresses

Dear ladies, I invite you to become a member of our fan club for long sleeve party dresses! 🙂 The cold weather gives you the chance to sport these fabulous frocks. Here are some designs you can definitely look for online. Girly tones like pink, lavender and white give your style a girly flair whereas burgundy, dark green and dark blue are more mature tones. Besides cocktail parties you can wear the glittery glam designs for Christmas and a New Year’s Party. Decorative stones, embroideries and 3D prints add a unique and luxurious touch to cocktail party dresses.

Long sleeve cocktail dresses

www.forevernew.com.au Long sleeve cocktail party dresses

www.newlook.com Long sleeve cocktail dresses for women


Short sleeve cocktail dresses

Sometimes I need something, a blog, some pictures or a capsule collection launched by an online store to inspire us. These cocktail dresses with sleeves have sooo much potential! You can easily incorporate them into your vintage, modern and even Boho clothing style. Mini frocks can be the key to land in the spotlight, whereas midi and maxis are perfect if you want to shift the attention to your feminine and alluring side. Moreover, these types of party cocktail dresses can be worn both during the hot days as well as during winter. Hopefully I can help you in your search by offering a few examples for the ‘in‘ designs available on the market.

Short sleeve cocktail dresses

www.boohoo.com; www.lulus.comShort sleeve cocktail dresses for women

www.boohoo.com; www.hm.comSparkly cocktail dresses for women


Red party dresses

Master the ultimate party diva look by opting for these red party dress designs. I have already highlighted the prominence of this shade on the runway. It seems fast-fashion stores also joined the movement and offer you a vast selection of gorgeous mini, mid-length and long cocktail red dresses. Investing in a similar item might be your best and bravest move for this year! 🙂 Be one step ahead of the latest trends in party wear and see the visual impact these frocks create. The maxi thigh-high slit and off-shoulder designs encompass all the sensuality we are trying to suppress during the boring working days. Whereas, dresses with classy round or V-necklines are appropriate for even the shyest fashionistas.

Red party dresses or red cocktail dresses

www.guess.eu Red party dresses for women

www.prettylittlething.com Long red party dresses for women


Short cocktail dresses

Fashion experts working at famous brands teach you how to look cool and attractive without trying hard. The new generation of short cocktail dresses made waves among the style crowd. Thousands of fashion lovers decided to put aside the oversized trend in favor of a few affordable and cheeky mini frocks. Mix these ‘hip‘ items with ankle boots, pumps and even thigh-high boots if you want to maintain the diversity of your festive looks. Unexpected combos are even more accepted and encouraged by trendsetters. It’s hard to go unnoticed if you sport the most glamorous and extraordinary frocks. However, try to avoid wearing a sweater dress. Is not suitable for a cocktail dress.

Short cocktail dresses


Short cocktail dresses for women

www.missguided.co.uk Beautiful short cocktail dresses for women


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Let me know what do you think about the cocktail dress trends. Use the comment section below! 🙂 Tell me witch model of cocktail dresses do you like?


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