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It’s winter and the sweater dress is very suitable for this kind of weather. Personally, in the cold season  I love to wear a long sweater dress with knee length boots and a long coat or jacket. These winter dresses are very comfortable and easy to match with other clothes for women. Don’t you think? If you love trendy clothes, please take a look at these beautiful dresses for women. Weather you like casual dresses, knee length dresses or off the shoulder dresses, I am sure you will find in these pictures, some pretty dresses to wear. Here is what designers propose for womens sweater dresses.

Black sweater dress

The black dress is easy to match. Most of womens love to wear black dresses because they look slimmer wearing these color. I’m not saying that black dresses are plus size dresses. But we all know that plus size women prefer them. 🙂 Even the skinny ones 🙂 .Whether you like dresses which follow the line of your silhouette or large dresses, designers thought to every one of us. They created sweater dresses for every taste and silhouette. For example, VeraWang thought that a large, oversized dress is suitable for any woman. Instead, brands like Sportmax and Iceberg created pretty dresses which follow the body line.

Black sweater dress above the knee

Large black sweater dress

Red sweater dress

This beautiful color is an attraction for all of us. Wearing red is sure that everyone will notice you. And maybe, in our subconscious, that’s what we want: to be the center of the Universe 🙂 . Weather you are looking for long dresses, dresses with sleeves or a bodycon dress, designers thought about what women want. So they created fall winter trendy dresses like these ones. What I can say for sure: the sweater dress is not a party dress. So don’t dress like that to a club party, even if the dress is red.

Long red sweater dress

Midi red sweater dress

Spring red sweater dress

White sweater dress

Ad some optimism to your attitude and wear white dresses for women. Is not a usual color to wear in the cold season. People avoid it. But think optimist and match the color of your outfit with the snow from outside. 🙂 Beside, wearing the right tailor, will put your silhouette in evidence. Chloé, Derek Lam, Victoria Beckham and Salvatore Ferragamo are only some of the brands who included this trend in their collection. I know the sweater dresses are not cocktail dresses and definitely you can not wear them as a wedding guest dresses. The white sweater dress is made to wear it during the day as a casual outfit not as a evening dress 🙂 .

Long white sweater dress

Midi white sweater dress

Beautiful white sweater dress

Grey sweater dress

Gray is a very usual color for the cold season. It’s not black and it’s not white. Maybe that’s why many women prefer to wear a grey dress. Personally I don’t like very much this color. But if is more white then black, I might choose to wear it. Well, if it has a great tailor and it suits me well, definitely I won’t hesitate to buy such dresses. But let’s see designer’s proposals for the grey sweater dress.

Midi grey sweater dress

Long grey sweater dress

Beautiful grey sweater dress

Long sleeve sweater dress

Personally I love long sleeves when it comes for dresses. 🙂 Especially after vacation, like this one. During the winter period or holidays, I  eat more then I should. So, my weight is bigger and so is my silhouette 🙂 . That’s why I prefer flared dresses with long sleeves. My arms will look thinner :). I wear long sleeves dresses at list until I will lose some weight. And because is cold outside 🙂 , of course. During my researches I found these beautiful dresses for women.

Long sleeve sweater dress

Long sleeve sweater bodycon dress

Long sleeve sweater dress for womens

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So, let me know what do you think about these sweater dresses. Which model of these ladies dresses you would love to wear? 🙂


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