13 Best 2017 Sandals Trends To Follow This Season

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Try to complete your spring-ready wardrobe with gorgeous 2017 sandals trends! The different heights of heels and also design patterns couturiers use, promote the diversity of footwear styles we love to wear during the hot days. Let’s take a look to the latest trends for women sandals presented on the catwalk. Find what designers are proposing for this season so you can shop trendy footwear.

Wedge sandals

Wearing these women’s wedge sandals can be a challenge. Not because of the thick soles, which are actually more comfortable than you think, but because of the extraordinary and edgy look. Fortunately fast-fashion stores provide you with numerous simple and block-colored women sandals. Team up these items with maxi skirts and dresses, your favorite pair of jeans or shorts.

The examples we’ve spotted at Thom Browne, Michael Kors, Dolce & Gabbana and Proenza Schouler demonstrate that A-list ateliers continue to come up with brand new and exciting ideas to make these accessories desirable. Here are some pictures reflecting 2017 sandals trends for wedge sandals.

2017 Sandals Trends | Wedge sandals

2017 Sandals Trends for Wedge sandals

2017 Sandals Trends for Women Wedge sandals

Strappy sandals heels

When it comes to adding a touch of refinement and femininity to your sets, sandals with tie straps and heels are No.1. options. Earn precious style points for the way you mix and match basic looks with ‘it‘ accessories. If you think there are no new techniques to invent when sculpting trending sandals you’re wrong! Take a closer look at the footwear styles lined up in the shows of Erdem, Trussardi, Chloé, Simone Rocha, Lanvin and Kenzo. Watch out for the curly and block heels and also the narrow and multiple straps that follow the line of your feet or create amazing geometrical patterns. Offering you outfit ideas that can be associated with these summer shoes would be a no-brainer. 🙂 You just can’t go wrong if you opt for a classy black stiletto sandal, both when it comes to business chic, casual and even formal wear.

2017 Sandals Trends | Strappy sandals heels

2017 Sandals Trends For Strappy sandals heels

2017 Sandals Trends For Women Strappy sandals heels

Strappy flat sandals

No doubt, these strappy flat sandals have a practical appeal, however, we got used to thicker soles,wedges and platforms and it is a bit hard to get used to being so close to the ground. 🙂
What do you think? If you adore footwear designs that create the impression of walking barefoot embrace the flat summer sandals trend with thick or narrow straps.

Gladiator style is a fashion-forward option. In addition, you have a few Hippie style, Asia-inspired designs which look gorgeous if you are not afraid of exposing so much skin. Before heading for a well-deserved shopping session take a glimpse at these items presented in the shows of John Galliano, Zac Posen, Oscar de la Renta, Valentino and Alexander Wang. See how these accessories are matched with flared pants, flirty summer dresses, midi skirts and even cool jumpsuits.

2017 Sandals Trends | Strappy flat sandals

2017 Sandals Trends For Strappy flat sandals

2017 Sandals Trends For Women Strappy flat sandals

2017 Sandals Trends: kitten heels

At the beginning kitten heels were not properly welcomed by fashionistas. In spite of moderate succes, couturiers continued their campaign in promoting these types of women’s low heel sandals and shoes. Here they are on the catwalk, in the unique and fantastic interpretation of famous brands like Prada, Jason Wu, Miu Miu, Prabal Gurung and others.

Traditional heels went through a dramatic change. In addition to block heel sandals, we have stiletto and triangle heels that add an edgy feel to these summer shoes. Accessorize your casual, formal and office style ensembles with similar sandals for guaranteed success.

2017 Sandals Trends | Sandals with kitten heels

2017 Sandals Trends For Sandals with kitten heels

2017 Sandals Trends For Women Sandals with kitten heels

Platform sandals

Both minimalist and extravagant women’s platform sandals are definitely on the fashion agenda for 2017. These ‘in’ pieces can help you redefine your clothing styles and begin a new chapter in your budding trendsetter career. For those who adore multi-color and versatile items fast-fashion stores offer a great selection of spring sandals.

Also, you are encouraged to think about these footwear designs when it comes to party-perfect or special occasion-accessories. As illustrated in the runway collections of Michael Kors, Marco de Vincenzo, Miu Miu and Rochas style creators used the platform sole to sculpt both formal, summerish and casual footwear. Choose the height and color according to your preferences!

2017 Sandals Trends | Platform sandals

2017 Sandals Trends For Platform sandals

2017 Sandals Trends For Women Platform sandals

Closed toe sandals

Spotting the loveliest and modern closed toe ladies sandals on the catwalk was love at first sight. Not because we finally found a solution to skip or delay the next pedicure session, but because the fact that our toes won’t be exposed to dirt and dust is definitely a relief. Also, pointy-toes radiate an air of confidence and authority. The secret to build up a flattering look is a simple formula.

The bigger the size of your feet is the higher the heels should be. This way you’ll be able to sport both round-toe and extreme pointy-toe sandals. Fashion houses like Marques’ Almeida, Jacquemus, Dries Van Noten, Nina Ricci and others enchanted us with the loveliest strappy and heeled closed toe sandals.

2017 Sandals Trends | Closed toe sandals | Peep toe sandals

2017 Sandals Trends For Closed toe sandals

2017 Sandals Trends For Peep toe sandals

Stiletto sandals

Among the ‘must have’ summer sandals on our list are the ones with stiletto heels. Throughout the history these footwear styles managed to acquire a status that equals femininity and high-class elegance. In spite of being afraid of heels most of us learned how to nail down a few of the important trends. The repertoire of voguish accessories for 2017 includes strappy heels, pointy-toe and platform sandals.

Find a way to polish and recreate some of your favorite everyday or office chic sets. Invest in pocket-friendly or designer creations that can become your signature. Rolan Mouret, The Blonds, Kenzo, Nicholas K and Charlotte Olympia teach you how to take the classy strappy heels or women’s party heels trend to the next level! 🙂

2017 Sandals Trends | High heel sandals | Stiletto sandals

2017 Sandals Trends For High heel sandals

2017 Sandals Trends For Stiletto sandals

Evening sandals

Adopting a modern vision when purchasing evening sandals is often hard. While you would love to sport unique creations you always think about what others might say about your look. These trend reports provide you with an overall image on the evolution of design techniques and chromatic tendencies from the Fashion Week. However, you can still stick to some of your style habits and preferences for fine neutrals and neat designs.

Every once in a while it is nice to see that formal wear is not always about a nice dress or a suit. You can juggle with pantsuits, jumpsuits and maxi dresses paired with cool bow sandals and sandals with ribbon ties. Elie Saab, Dsquared2, Saint Laurent, Giambattista Valli and Altuzarra are the fashion houses to consider when in need of inspiration!

2017 Sandals Trends | Evening sandals

2017 Sandals Trends For Evening sandals

2017 Sandals Trends For Women Evening sandals

Sandals with block heels

Apparently couturiers considered block heels as the perfect canvas to paint and decorate. We’ve seen trendy sandals 2017 with floral elements, messages and artsy prints. Without a doubt, stylists encourage us to step out from our comfort zone and diversify our casual or clubwear. These footwear styles are a real treat for those who are not afraid to put their best fashion foot forward and stay up-to-date with the newest tendencies.

On the other hand, we have classy two-tone spring sandals with block heels that can be associated with hundreds of style combos regardless of the personality, silhouette or clothing style of the wearer. Skim through the gorgeous examples we’ve selected from the shows of Dolce & Gabbana, Erdem and Carven. Let’s admire together the 2017 sandals trends for block heels sandals.

2017 Sandals Trends | Sandals with block heels

2017 Sandals Trends For Sandals with block heels

2017 Sandals Trends For Women Sandals with block heels

Sandals with socks fashion

When we saw this trend for the first time we said “Oh noooo! It can’t be!”. In spite of considering ourselves pretty trend-conscious and adventurous we just couldn’t think of nailing down a similar look. However, no matter what we think, the sandals with socks fashion trend is still going strong. There are thousands of women who managed to strip off their limitations and combine these two basic style items.

As it is suggested in the collections of Antonio Marras,  Mary Katrantzou, Givenchy and Preen By Thornton Bregazzi pairing your favorite cotton or knit socks with block heel or stiletto sandals became a phenomenon whether you like it or not! 🙂 It’s one interesting 2017 sandals trends you can’t miss.

2017 Sandals Trends | Sandals with socks fashion

2017 Sandals Trends For Sandals with socks fashion

2017 Sandals Trends For Women Sandals with socks fashion

Flat wedge sandals

Adopt a fresh and laid-back attitude towards sandal trends 2017. Those of you who appreciate comfort more than anything here’s the flat wedge sandals mania which proves that fashionistas are still not over the thick soles and strappy details. In addition to examples from the shows of  Maison Martin Margiela, Prada,  Balmain, Proenza Schouler, Dolce & Gabbana there are several accessible and affordable items promoted in street wear.

Your favorite mass-market brands are guided by the same principles and tendencies as fashion houses, therefore, you’ll find a huge selection of similar footwear for women during the upcoming seasons. Top your festival chic outfits or casual ensembles with summer wedges in pastel, vibrant or classy neutrals. Multi-color soles are just as popular as mono colored ones, choose pieces that can be matched with the majority of the items in your wardrobe.

2017 Sandals Trends | Flat wedge sandals

2017 Sandals Trends For Flat wedge sandals

2017 Sandals Trends For Women Flat wedge sandals

Sandals with ties: lace up sandals

Straps that embrace your feet and emphasize your sensuality are among our top accessory suggestions for the warm season. Spaghetti straps are perfect if you have a slender silhouette. On the other hand, for curvy women we recommend the thick and multiple straps. Besides this golden rule there are no limitations when it comes to choosing the design that suits your personality and style preferences.

Block or kitten heels, stiletto or platform, black or passionate red, you name it! You have endless designs to choose from! Take a peek at the accessories lined up in the collections of  Altuzarra, Isabel Marant, Erdem and Jason Wu before making the final decision. The 2017 sandals trends are so diverse.

2017 Sandals Trends For Sandals with ties

2017 Sandals Trends For Lace up sandals

Sandals with bow

Summer sandals with bows is another micro-trend that popped up on the catwalk. Designers completed their mesmerizing formal and couture sets with these exceptional footwear designs. They used satin, glittery glam materials and even suede to offer some extra refinement and luxury to classic stiletto or block-heel sandals. Bows both on clothes, bags and shoes emanate a girly and playful air.

Dries van Noten and Lanvin are the fashion ateliers that paid their tribute to this timeless element and symbol. Discover the capsules of numerous fast-fashion brands in search of the perfect sandals for women. If you find your dream design with bows, go for it! 🙂 It’s one of 2017 sandals trends.

Tell us about the 2017 sandals trends you can’t resist! Use the comment section below to share your outfit ideas and observations with us and our readers. 🙂



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