This Year Spring Summer Trendy Handbags For Women

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Handbags are a useful and essential accessory for every woman. This year is really innovative for spring summer trendy handbags. When a lot of people thought not much could be changed, the top fashion designers surprised us with their unusual new models about clutch bags for women, sack bags, over the shoulders bag, oversized handbags or evening bags. And it was such a pleasant surprise!

From small tiny cases around the body to big practical handbags, from the digital trend of robot-like bags to the everlasting vintage style. The possibilities are all open. Let us explore some of the newest trends and the most popular models of spring summer trendy handbags for women.

Clutch bags for women

Clutch handbags have always been considered the perfect accessory for special events, but not practical enough for everyday use. However, in the fashion industry of today, this is not the case. The big clutch bags of 2017 allow them to be used to carry your everyday things. And the introduction of the new side handle clutch bags, makes it easier for them to be carried around. So, it really is an eye candy innovation.

Favorites: the new Louis Vuitton model with a slick side handle, the interesting Prada models, the bright Loewe and Proenza Schouler models.

Spring Summer trendy handbags | Clutch bags for women

Spring Summer trendy clutch bags for women

Trendy clutch bags for this year spring summer

Sack bags

While their practical use is their key selling point, sack bags have always been an accessory that displays character. This remains true even in 2017. The trend of the year for sack bags was first introduced by Dior. The new catching slogans and pop-arts have been an addition to the character and originality factor. Let your bag show more personality this year! Watch these beautiful examples for the spring summer collection of sack bags.

Favorites: the Spring-Summer Givenchy collection, the Simone Rocha model, Loewe model, Mulberry collection.

Trendy sack bags for this year spring summer season

Spring Summer Trendy handbags | Sack bags

This Year Spring Summer Trendy handbags | Sack bags

Over the shoulder bag

The over-the-shoulder designs are always in. However, this year, they come with new ideas that make an impact. We can put the accent on the exotic prints and patterns of Bottega Veneta and Fendi, together with new trend of box-shaped bags. Chain straps are another feature preferred and showcased in the fashion weeks of 2017.

Favorites: the Versace model, the new Gucci model, the Marc Jacobs models.

Spring Summer trendy over the shoulder bag

Spring Summer trendy handbags | Over the shoulder bag

Spring Summer trendy handbags | Over the shoulder bag for women

Satchel bags for women

The satchel bags have also been innovative in this season. However, with the introduction of the broad statement straps, you can personalize the casual look of satchel bags. While these straps can be used with other types of handbags, they were showcased as the perfect combination to spice up the satchel bags. The straps can be removed and changed for infinite combinations.

Favorites: the Marc Jacobs model, Gucci model, the Hermès model and Valentino model.

Spring Summer trendy handbags | Satchel bags for women

Spring Summer trendy handbags | Satchel bags for ladies

Backpack purse

The focus of these items is being a hand-free gear. Their use has been confined only to certain activities like traveling, hiking or trekking. The new designs of this year have taken upon themselves to change this. Stylish backpacks have found their way in the collections of the most noted brands of the season. The backpack purses have been attached to them. These second bags are probably the most popular and famous trend of this year. They allow the user to take everything needed in a backpack, while keeping the most important items in the small purse.

Favorites: the Maison Margiela model, the Versace model, Moschino model and Fendi model.

Spring Summer trendy handbags | Backpack purse

Spring Summer trendy backpack purse for women

Spring Summer trendy backpack purse for ladies

Spring Summer trendy handbags for evening

We already mentioned the clutch bags, which are the usual choice for evenings. We said that they have been adapted for everyday use by introducing bigger versions. Well, the new trend for evening bags goes opposite to this direction. The new micro bags have taken the spot in this category. They are a must-have accessory for every fashion enthusiast. These handbags offer a slick and stylish look for special events.

Favorites: the Bottega Veneta model, the Bottega Veneta model, Mary Katrantzou model, Gucci model and Lanvin model.

Spring Summer trendy handbags | Evening bags

Spring Summer trendy evening bags

Spring Summer trendy handbags | Evening bags for ladies

Oversized handbags

This trend was introduced this year by Balenciaga with a colorful handbag. Their leather model offers the space needed to take everything with you. Oversized bags are a good solution for the big packer clients, especially nowadays when the attention is focused on the new mircro bags. Their design is usually simple and elegant, but there are also extravagant looks like the model showcased by Louis Vuitton and Stella McCartney. These bags offer a good balance between style and convenience.

Favorite: the Loewe model, the Balenciaga model, Marni model.

Spring Summer trendy handbags | Oversized bags for ladies

Spring Summer trendy handbags | Oversized handbags for women

Spring Summer trendy handbags | Oversized bags

Side bags

The side bags of this year were a mix of the normal sideway handbags, wrist strap bags and clutch bags. The introduction of the side handle clutch bags that was mentioned above is a perfect example of this mixing trend. These new designs allow side bags to be more convenient and comfortable. The Spring Summer trendy handbags collections, showcased by the most popular brands, offered leather side bags with bright colors.

Favorites: the Salvatore Off-White model, the Marques’ Almeida model, Valentino models and Dior model

Spring Summer trendy handbags | Side bags

Spring Summer trendy handbags | Side bags for women

Spring Summer trendy handbags | Side bags for ladies

Unusual purse

Purses have undergone the same innovations of the other handbags. The new box-shaped purses have appeared on the collections with some really interesting styles. The slogans, the metallic look or the exotic patterns are some of the new looks introduced. The real innovation might be the use of these accessories as a second bag. In this case, they may be attached to your oversized bags, sack bags or backpacks.

Favorites: the Moschino model, the Alexander Wang model and Dolce & Gabbana models.

Spring Summer trendy handbags | Unusual purse for women

Spring Summer trendy purse for women

Spring Summer trendy purse for ladies

Red handbags

This season, we have seen the return of bright colors for a playful spring/summer look. The red color has been in particular a theme for handbags. So, I can mention in particular the Altuzarra red satchel bag, that comes with a broad statement strap for a variety of color combinations. Or, another favorite is the red double bag Giorgio Armani model. The red color was dominant in Gucci’s handbag collection. Here are some stylish proposals for Spring Summer trendy handbags.

Favorites: the Max Mara model, the Gucci model with a stylish chain strap, Sportmax model and Paul Smith model.

Spring Summer trendy handbags | Red handbags

Spring Summer trendy handbags | Red handbags for women

Spring Summer trendy handbags | Red handbags for ladies

In conclusion, spring/summer 2017 has been a great year for all handbag lovers. A lot of special innovations have been showcased in the fashion market. The new double bags offer a practical use for carrying your most used items in a different place. The mixing of different types of bags, like the side handle clutch bags, allows a balance between the advantages of both of them. Get fashionable and look stylish with the new broad statement straps, the exotic patterns and the trendy box-shaped purses and bags! Show your personality with unique slogans.
The possibilities are really overwhelming. They are all gorgeous, so choose the one that fits you! That is my “secret” advice to you! Choose one of these models of Spring Summer trendy handbags!

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