Best Trendy Jackets Every Woman Should Wear This Year

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Following trends is a MUST now days. That’s why, before shopping, you should let yourself be inspired by these womens fall-winter 2016-2017 trendy jackets from the catwalk. Don’t forget to discover also the trendy jackets from the streets of fashion capitals. The fashioners follow designer’s proposals, but in the same time, they add something to improve their look. The buzzword is creativity when we talk about stylish jackets for women!

I’ve made my choices for fall-winter 2016-2017 trendy jackets. The bomber jacket and the leather jacket are my favorites. Witch one is yours? Do you prefer a long jacket, a cropped jacket or a parka one? Discover designer’s models for stylish jackets like denim, suede or wool jacket. They are all in trend this year.

Bomber jacket outfits

Add something special to your casual outfit! The bomber jacket trend dominated the runway. They allowed thousands of style admirers to sport comfy and chic outerwear designs. According to the latest trend reports this item made it into the office and even formal sphere. Numerous trend setters decided to top their job or festive outfits with fab creations decorated with metallic details, sequins or the loveliest prints. The examples below teach you how to style a bomber jacket or a sport women leather bomber jacket. Opt for the bomber jacket with patches for a cool look. Wear the mono-color designs for clothes. They can be associated with numerous sets. This year, designers decided that the bomber jacket is one of the best winter jackets for women.

Fall-winter 2016-2017 stylish bomber jackets

Fall-winter 2016-2017 bomber jacket with prints

Fall-winter 2016-2017 trendy jackets outfits

Denim jacket

Classy or modern denim jacket for womans or denim jacket cropped are presented in many shades and forms on the runway. Some designers are willing to bring some novelty into the art of building unique sets. We selected some of the most spectacular denim jacket outfit examples. Here are some denim jacket with fur you can also embrace for the rainy season. Length varies according to personal preferences. Moreover, we also noticed the tendency of fashion creators to add an extra faux fur or shearling lining to make these fall essentials appropriate for the cold days. Opt for the combination of denim jacket plus size with maxi dresses, jeans or midi skirts. You will earn the respect and admiration of fellow fashionistas.

Fall-winter 2016-2017 trendy jeans jackets

Fall-winter 2016-2017 trendy denim jacket

Fall-winter 2016-2017 trendy jackets made from denim

Brown leather jacket women

Brown is the new black! This affirmation is totally valid for this year. The many tones of this autumn(ish) color took over the top position in the chromatic list. We’ve seen tens of runway collections promoting the brown leather jacket style trend. In the past years couturiers are trying to push the limits and experiment with bolder and more original design elements. However, some things will never change. 🙂 A brown leather jacket outfit or a brown leather jacket combination will always be stylish and season-appropriate when it comes to fall and winter. Try out the trench, bomber and oversized brown leather jacket for ladies styles. Which of these outfits will you try in the following weeks? What trends for shoes do you like to combine with?

Trendy leather jackets

Trendy leather jackets for women

Brown leather jacket

White jacket

This non-color has definitely been the favorite accessory of minimalism fanatics to build up a neat and timeless look. We selected a few gorgeous examples on how to wear a white jacket outfit even if the weather tells you to go dark. Thanks to the huge influence of fashion houses you’ll find these ‘must have‘ fall-winter 2016-2017 trendy jackets on the racks of numerous well-known stores. Our favorite designs include the cropped and lightweight white jacket for ladies. Also the white cotton jacket women’s that look absolutely stylish paired with a pair of jeans, flared trendy pants and even an office dress. Before you invest in the white jacket fashion make sure you are not bothered by the sight of other people who refuse to sport this tone during the rainy days. Check out a few A-list white jacket combinations below! 🙂

White coat

White clothing

White jacket

Quilted jacket womens

Here we are at our favorite craze of the moment! Oh my, the thought of wearing quilted granny style jackets in a combo with business chic and even formal wear is scary and at the same time awesome. After learning how to wear a brown leather jacket or how to dress a white jacket, make sure you steal a few accessorizing tips on how to rock the coolest quilted jacket womens. Depending on your preferences for tailoring ( bulky, body-conscious or cropped) choose the one that flatters your silhouette and gives you more confidence. Our favorite brands provide a rich selection of designer fall-winter 2016-2017 trendy jackets in tons of ‘in‘ shades.

Quilted jacket womens

Womens winter jackets

Womens puffer jacket

Suede jacket

Often it becomes a real burden to keep up with what’s trending. That’s why our team of stylists wanted to help you with a list of coats and fall-winter 2016-2017 trendy jackets you should definitely have in your wardrobe. Among the hundreds of biker jacket, bubble jacket for womens you’ll find the suede jackets for ladies. These oh-so-delicate and feminine outerwear styles were the star pieces of the latest collections of trending jackets 2017. Jacket styles in burgundy, olive green and classy brown shades are perfect for the transition period. While some designers opted for stylish co-ords you are free to wear suede jacket and other items sculpted from this fine texture in different outfits.

Suede leather

Womens jackets

Suede jacket

Wool jacket

The cutest wool jacket outfit ideas presented below are actually a real comeback story. Apparently numerous fashion houses decided to use this element to round out both casual and festive sets. Using light or pastel shades and choosing tailoring designs that flatter all silhouettes is the key to worldwide success. The fashion flock is ready to embrace this trend as some of the designer outerwear and great replicas are already available for purchase. You only have to decide for yourself whether one of these fall-winter 2016-2017 trendy jackets for women can be carefully embedded into your fall season wardrobe. Here are some of my favorites wool trendy womens jackets.

Womens coats

Wool clothing

Wool jacket

Rain jacket for women

Before you would fall into despair and depression due to changes in the weather, take a closer look at these gorgeous rain jacket for women. Forget about lifeless designs and chromatic options. Opt for long jacket for womens that protect your outfit from humidity and the worst style meltdown. Top models were spotted sporting these items in red, pink and green. For a top-to-toe rain protective set make sure you complete your looks with a pair of nice leather or rubber boots. Discover the loveliest designs of cool jackets at your local stores or online.

Rain coat

Rain jacket for women

Waterproof jacket

Long jacket

While cropped jackets tend to offer a cheeky and at times elegant air to our outfits, a long jacket for ladies radiates the ultimate coolness. Don’t think of this length as something that steals from your height. There are tens of styling tricks that teach you how to wear a long jacket for winter in a stylish and original way. Always choose your basic wardrobe essentials according to your lifestyle. The long jacket fashion trend varies from athletic to business chic. Printed outerwear designs are ideal for the ski or snowboard season whereas items in one color only can be easily associated with all your casual wear. Let yourself be inspired by the long jacket images below! 🙂 Choose to wear the warmest winter jacket if the weather is bad.

Long coat

Long jacket

Womens winter jackets

Hooded jacket for ladies

Tired of carrying your umbrella everywhere? See these chic hooded fashion jackets that allow you to move freely without having to worry about the condition of your outfits. So, no wonder thousands of fashionistas are embracing this tendency and match their jeans and midi skirts and trendy dresses with a similar outerwear style. Designs in gold, fab prints and neutral shades got the attention of both stylists and trendsetters. Indeed, don’t forget, this unique element will give a youngish and relaxed note to your autumn or winter looks. 🙂

Hooded jackets ladies for women

Womens coats

Hooded jacket ladies

Fur jacket

What makes these fur jacket designs so different is the fact that you can integrate them in both casual and semi-formal wear. Though some feel the pressure of constraints when wearing this authentic fabric, others just can’t fight their love for different types of fur. If you managed to get over your dilemmas make sure you invest in these fall-winter 2016-2017 trendy jackets. Check out the latest collections of famous brands and vote for the loveliest looks. Cropped, mid-length, sporty and retro chic womens jackets are ready to make their way into the top fashion staples of the year.

Fur bomber jacket

Faux fur coat

Fur jacket

Womens winter parka jacket

As the days go by we have to come to terms with the arrival of the humid season. Therefore, you should definitely start acquiring a few essential items for school or work. Parka jackets are extremely appreciated by those with an active lifestyle. After learning the art of layering, you’ll be ready to express your personal and original clothing style. These mid-length baggy or body-conscious outerwear jackets adapt your whole wardrobe to the extreme weather conditions. Go for more practical styles with hoodies or keep things more elegant and refined with parkas embellished with faux fur or shearling details. If you want more than just a regular cover-up make sure you invest in printed designs.

Parka coats

Womens parka

Parka jacket

Cropped jacket

Cropped jackets are dominating the catwalk! If you’re fortunate enough to live in a location with a nice and dry autumn we encourage you to look for the loveliest short outerwear design. Consider this year your chance to find your way and personality through the hundreds of trends. Designs sculpted from faux fur, suede, wool and leather are alluring and glamorous. Pair these jackets womens with cropped pants, jeans and even pencil skirts. Indeed some of these fall-winter 2016-2017 trendy jackets have a throwback vibe. However, you can revamp your look with a few accessorizing clues you can steal from runway shows.

Cropped jackets for women

Cute jackets

Cropped jacket

Sports jacket

Sports jackets are seen everywhere! 🙂 For all you athleisure fans, these items can offer you the well-deserved comfort and warmth for the cold days. From the classy baseball to the snowboard and ski designs, you’ll find numerous outerwear styles at fast-fashion stores. The special fur or cotton lining is a shield against wind and rain. Take a closer look at the non-traditional as well as more accessible ways of sporting these warm fashion jackets for womens. Quilted, oversized and boldly printed are all ‘in‘. Vote for your favorite Fall Winter trends!

Sport coats


Sports jacket

Trendy leather jacket with fur

A-list designers combined the coolness of leather with the sophisticated vibe of fur. This is how the most spectacular womens leather jackets with faux fur or real fur embellishments were born. These stylish cover-ups are back in force! Watch out for the collections of well-known brands that demonstrate the versatility of outerwear designs that can be matched both with chic dresses, office chic sets as well as gorgeous leggings. This year, experts encourage you to experiment with modern as well as retro style looks for leather jackets for women.

Leather jackets for women

Faux fur coat

Leather jacket with fur

Shearling jacket

We’re quite certain you jumped on the first shearling jacket trend train. Therefore you might need some ideas to revive your fall 2016 clothing style with good old fashion items from your wardrobe. Many designs of womens winter jackets come and go. However, some manage to stay or come back cyclically. Shearling is definitely one of the favorite textures of couturiers for winter jackets 2017. They use it to create accessories, vests, trendy coats and other outerwear designs. The use of zippers and layering are some of the secret weapons to adapt these items to the ever-changing need of fashionistas for unconventional style pieces. Look at coolest examples from the catwalk! 🙂

Shearling jacket

Shearling coat

Shearling coats

Fall-Winter 2016-2017 trendy jackets with faux fur

Put aside your casual or sporty winter jacket and imagine yourself wearing one of these faux fur outerwear designs! Don’t you look magical in your autumn reverie?:) Indeed! These fab items add a dramatic and sophisticated aura to your day or night looks. However, there’s always room for a change. So visit your local store and put on some of the replicas of these designer jackets before deciding what to wear for the freezing season. Faux fur dyed in purple, dark blue, black fur jacket, white faux fur jacket and soft shades like rose quartz is splendid. See our suggestions for wearing these long jacket outfit ideas!

Fake fur trendy jackets

Faux shearling fall-winter 2016/2017 trendy jackets

Fake fur fall-winter 2016/2017 trendy jackets

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We are all ears when it comes to your outfit or trend suggestions. Leave your comments below!:) What do you think about our proposals for fall-winter 2016-2017 trendy jackets.



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