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92 Leather Pencil Skirt Outfit Ideas That’ll Make You Wear A Leather Skirt In 2023

by Adriana
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Black Leather Pencil Skirt Outfits

I love wearing black leather pencil skirt outfits from time to time. But I admit, I’m not that girl who wears skirts everyday! Why? Sometimes I find it difficult to match this piece of clothes, especially if it’s made of leather.

So, I’ve searched on the internet for pictures with outfits that could answer to the question: “what to wear with a black leather skirt?“. And I was surprised! There are so many fashionistas out there, which love to wear black leather pencil skirt outfits. Beside, style gurus make a big case for including these pieces of clothes into the modern fashionista’s wardrobe. So, to do that in a good way,  you should take a look at these black leather skirt outfits. Put together a few A-list leather pencil skirt outfit ideas with the help of casual and office chic essentials.

Why am I presenting you all these black leather skirt looks? Well, first of all, because I like sharing. Besides, you must admit that a woman should always be prepared. Even when we talk about an outfit with a black leather pencil skirt. It might not seem to be important, but these ideas might help you when you go shopping. You don’t want to spend your money on clothes that makes you wonder again and again “how to wear a black leather skirt”?! ! Better safe than sorry!!!

What to wear with black leather skirt

These chic black skirt designs are considered ‘must-have‘ pieces especially if you are a fan of the utilitarian style. Sneakers, ankle boots or stilettos, you name it! Pair it with chic accessories according to your mood and your personal preferences. Follow the footsteps of trendsetters and create outstanding winter date outfits by using leather skirts.

Listen to dozens of foolproof tricks and tips on how to wear this black leather skirt outfit. Learn to associate them with oversized jumpers and sweaters, a nice plaid shirt or daring tops. Pair these essentials black leather skirts with a classy white shirt, t-shirts and sandals, in order to create beautiful summer going out outfits or  first date drinks outfit.

Lot of fast-fashion stores decided to offer similar style staples to the trendy skirts presented in runway collections during the past seasons. Let’s take a look at these leather skirt outfit ideas. Use a black leather skirt styles to create a cute winter clubbing outfit. However, when it comes to party-perfect outfits , I think is best to go for  leather mini skirt outfit in stead of  a leather shorts club outfit or clubbing outfit with jeans.

1. Let’s face it! Usually, we wear leather skirts during the cold season. You can pair your favorite black leather skirt with a nice white sweater for a beautiful casual outfit, like the one from the next image.

Winter black leather pencil skirt outfit


2. Maybe you like the idea of wearing shirts with a big V neck or a suede jacket and a big scarf… Well, I think it depends of the weather and of how resistant you are when is cold outside.

Black leather skirt outfits

3. If “being sexy is your motto”, then, this must be the perfect outfit for you: an off shoulder sweater matched with your favorite black leather pencil skirt and high heels.

Stylish black leather pencil skirt outfit


4. Jackets, sandals, high heels shoes, small white purse or a transparent black top. This could be another solution when you wonder what to wear with a black leather skirt.

Black leather pencil skirt outfits

5. This all black outfits is very, very nice and inspiring. Is true! Shinny black stilettos, black leather pencil skirt and a turtleneck is a perfect combination when you wonder how to style a black leather pencil skirt.

what to wear with leather skirt


6. If you like the idea of making jokes, you could pair your black leather skirt with this black Mickey Mouse t-shirt print and a white small hand bag.

Black leather pencil skirt outfit ideas


7. Ankle boots and long cardigans are useful when is cold outside. Use them in order to create nice black leather pencil skirt outfits.

Outfits with black leather skirts

8. White crop printed tops paired with a front zipped leather skirt and a long trench. This might be the answer to the question “how to wear a leather pencil skirt ?” .

Leather skirt outfit


9. Sleeve less t-shirts, shirts and lace up sandals or perforated sandals, are a suggestion for your next black leather skirt outfit.

Black leather pencil skirt outfits for women

10.White shirt tide around your waist and a pair of sneakers, might be the answer to the question “what to wear with leather skirt”?

Outfit with a black leather skirt


11. Looking for ideas of tops to wear with leather skirt? Well, the one from the next picture, could be something nice and special: an black with one off shoulder top.

Leather pencil skirt outfit


12. Usually, I don’t recommend a top with horizontal stripes. It might give you the impression that you are fat. But there are many fashionista out there, who don’t have a problem with the silhouette.

Leather skirt casual outfit


13. Simple and casual: a black fitted blouse and a black leather skirt, is the suggestion from the next image.

Black leather skirt outfit winter


14. This black tank top could be a solution for your black leather skirt.

All black keather skirt outfit


15. Oh Good! I love this outfit so much!!! A high waist leather skirt paired with a white loose top and a black tank under this blouse. Perfect! Just perfect!!!

Leather skirt outfit


16. Megan Markle is known for her beauty, but that’s not the reason why her outfit is presented here. I just like the way she matched her shirt with high heels and a leather pencil skirt.

What to wear with a black leather skirt


17. Just a simple outfit with short sleeves, a pencil black leather skirt and black high heels shoes. It’s the outfit that I like.

Black leather skirt style


18. Shoes with a print that match with a top that has the same print. I like the idea of this off shoulder top and the leather pencil skirt.

Styling black leather skirt


19. If you look like a top model? In that case, you should take in consideration to wear this kind of leather pencil skirt outfit.

Faux leather skirt outfit


20. Have you thought to wear a leather skirt with a white tank top? However, I would complete this outfit with a coat.

What to wear with leather skirts


21. I like the idea of a casual leather skirt outfit. Add some color to your outfit with this green t-shirt!

Black leather skirt in summer


22. Frankly, I didn’t thought that wearing a simple t-shirt with a leather skirt it’s a good idea, until I saw these pictures! But I like it very much!

Black leather look pencil skirt


23. Well, a transparent top matched with a leather skirt, takes a lot of courage to wear it! Why? Because of the top transparency, off course!

Black leather skirt outfit casual


24. All black leather outfit is nice and suitable to wear every time you plan to party for a night out with your friends.

How to wear a leather pencil skirt casually


25. Here is another leather skirt style, that you can copy. It’s nice and very sexy… probably suitable for a party… I don’t know. I let you decide when and where to wear it!

black leather skirt outfit night out

image source

26. Nice, chic and cozy this leather pencil skirt outfit. I just like this high waisted leather skirt outfit!

How to style black leather skirt


27. Wondering what shirt to wear with a leather pencil skirt? This is the perfect choice to make!

outfits with leather skirt

source image

28. Or this one! It depends on what type of shirt you have in your wardrobe or what are you planing to buy!

Leather skirt date outfit


29. Nude stilettos are that piece of color that this black outfit needs.

Outfit with leather skirt


30. Have you thought to pair your leopard top with your leopard shoes? I didn’t, but it seems that someone else did. Here is an example!

Black leather outfit with a leopard print for the top and shoes


31. Here is another idea about how to wear a pencil skirt casually! Shoes and a top sweater with the same color and a split leather skirt !

Winter black leather skirt oufit idea


32. Another idea for a black leather outfit with a top having the same color with the shoes, this time, nude!

Cute black leather skirt outfits


Taking risks with outfits options sounds like a good idea. However, you don’t have to change your clothing style from top to toe. Start with a few unpredictable yet stylish pairings like a summer outfits for teenage girl!

black leather skirt and crop top


33. Let’s face it! The crop top and high-waist skirt combos are for the ones who are proud of their silhouette and have confidence in their attractiveness.

what to wear leather skirt with

34. In case you prefer to shift the attention to your unique style and silhouette in a less cheeky way, look for plaid shirts, lace blouses and loose tops to complete your daily sets with. Take a look at these black high waisted skirt outfit idea.

what to wear with leather pencil skirt


35. Whether you dig up a few cool black pencil skirts in your wardrobe or mother’s wardrobe or you hunt for the best deal at virtual stores, make sure you sport these timeless style creations regardless of the season.

black leather skirt

36. Inspire other fashionistas with your non-traditional and admirable style options for black leather skirt outfits. Nowadays, perking up your office or formal wear is not sooo difficult. After all, you have faux leather, velvet and classy cotton to count on. Include this outfit in your collection of pictures in order to find winter outfit ideas for going out or what to wear on a first date in winter.

Style options for black leather skirt outfits


37. Black leather always demanded the attention of designers and stylist.Though this texture is not always associated with heat and warm season,but more with the fall outfits for women, you can still make it compatible with the coolest summer outfits.

leather skirts outfits


38. Really, it wasn’t too hard to find a few outfits with black leather skirts for ladies. These suggestions will definitely make things easier for you especially in the mix and matching process. See what to wear with a black leather skirt.

long leather skirt outfit

39. Fast-fashion stores provide you with a selection of mini or midi leather skirts in various shades. While we limited ourselves to black you can also experiment with burgundy, brown and even red tones that add a touch of color and vivacity to your looks.

how to wear a leather skirt

40. Build head-turning outfits associating sparkly or crop tops with high-waist skirts. You can also tone down your daily sets with laid-back or mono-color T-shirts and loose sweaters.

what to wear with a black leather skirt

Not all us have the perfect body. That’s why, most women are afraid to wear a leather pencil skirt outfit or outfits with a white skirt. But we can always learn what to wear with a black pencil skirt or what to wear with a white pencil skirt. They think they have a little tummy… they might look ridiculous in a pencil skirt… or this kind of skirt is more likely for a teen girl outfit.
This is the reason why women prefer a black leather pencil skirt outfit instead of any other color. They think that black make them look slime. It’s true, but even so, some of them refuse to wear a pencil skirt.
41. But what if I tell you there is a solution to your problem? Take a look at these pictures. A large belt is the solution I’m suggesting you. Your waist will look thinner and wearing a pencil skirt with high heels, it will help you look taller.

How to wear a leather skirt in winter


Black leather look pencil skirt outfit


Black and white black leather outfit


All black leather pencil skirt outfit


All black leather skirt styling


Black leather pencil skirt matched with a black leather jacket


Black pencil leather skirt with sneakers


Black leather skirt outfit

Black leather pencil skirt outfit


Midi black leather pencil skirt outfit for plus size lady


Beautiful black leather pencil skirt outfit


midi leather skirt outfit

image source

leather skirt and boots outfit


Many would say that pencil skits are hard to wear, both in terms of the model that cannot be adapted to any shape of the body, and in terms of combination with other pieces of clothing. Just keep in mind that such a skirt model also requires an elegant posture and a great physical condition, because the pencil pattern highlights all shapes.

Besides, you should add some color to your wardrobe. Instead of wearing a black pencil skirt outfit or a black leather skirt outfit, why don’t you try a red leather skirt outfit?

Midi red leather skirt outfits with high heels

Why women prefer to wear a high waisted skirts? Because, even if it’s a red skirt, this kind of tailor puts your silhouette in evidence. You will look slime and tall if you match a high waisted midi skirt with a pair of high heels boots.

Don’t hesitate to put this wonderful look on your list of fall outfits for women. You’ll look spectacular every time you’ll wear it.

Elegant high waist red leather skirt outfit


The all-flattering tailoring of these clothes make them easily incorporate in party or casual outfits. Like in these two images.

Incorporate the red leather skirt in your daily outfits

During the cold days make sure you try out the tights and skirt combo, whereas in summer flaunt your well-tone and tanned legs.

Try out the tights and red leather skirt outfit and a t-shirt


Even if it is girlish, the red leather skirt is very trendy. Easy to wear, easy to match with a t-shirt… This skirt should be very popular when we talk about women’s wardrobe too. Put it on the list of what to wear to a music festival summer .

Girlish red leather skirt outfit


I’ve seen many women wearing a red leather skirts, especially during vacations. It doesn’t matter if there are short or midi skirts. The most important thing is to feel good and to look good in it. Use this picture as inspiration if you don’t know what to wear on a casual first date.

Gorgeous midi pencil skirt red leather skirt outfit with platforms and blue cape


The look from the next image is not exactly a summer casual work outfit, but a pencil skirt is suitable for the summer days at the office. Along with a simple shirt, include the red leather pencil skirt on your list of women’s summer work outfits, where the outfit should be as decent as possible, but also thin enough due to the weather conditions.You can also wear it at an important event if you choose to combine it with a pair of fancy shoes and a top with special cut.

Beautiful outfit with a red leather pencil skirt , high heels and elegant blouse


How to wear a leather skirt in winter

Finding what boots to wear with skinny jeans is easier then matching women leather skirts in this cold season.  However, if you happen to find a similar ‘jewelry‘ piece for your wardrobe make sure you find numerous reasons to sport it. 🙂 The brave ones give you numerous ideas on how to nail down a body-conscious look with cropped tops and tight tube skirts. Black seems to be the safest option for pencil skirt outfit ideas. However you can also try on brown, dark blue and even a red leather skirt outfit for a stylish change in your clothing style.

I get that a lot: ‘Ok, I know that I’m supposed to be a lady and wear skirts, but what to wear with black leather skirt if I don’t have the body of a supermodel?‘. Don’t let your insecurity and stereotypes prevent you from joining the band of self-confident style-admirers! Replace your easy to wear cute outfits with jeans for summer with black leather pencil skirt outfits. Documentation is important. In case you’re lost in the multitude of Pinterest pins, how about taking a glimpse at these black leather skirt outfits I’ve selected for you.

You don’t know how to wear a leather skirt in winter? Rely on the high-class combos with minimalist sweaters and elegant shirts, either tucked in or worn normally. On the other hand, if you are looking for a going out winter outfit in order to look feminine for a night out or a date, how about a more relaxed first date dinner outfit with high waist skirt outfit with T-shirts or sporty jumpers and oversized cardigans?

Cute black leather skirt outfit matched with a red sweater


Long black leather skirt outfit mixed with ankle boots


what to wear with a black leather skirt


Super cute black leather skirt outfit to dress with to a party


How to wear casually a black leather pencil skirt outfit with ankle boots

Black leather skirt with boots and a shirt


leather skirt winter outfit


These red leather skirts images demonstrate how versatile these types of clothing items can really be. The high-waist detail allows you to accentuate your waist whereas the loose tailoring suits all silhouettes.

Red Leather Skirt Outfits For Women

Add a signature glam vibe to your leather skirt outfits. Lighten up your clothing style with red A-line designs.

Casual Mini Red Leather Skirt Outfit Ideas

I invite you to discover the coolest trends and how to style red leather skirts, because I promise to keep you up to date with everything as soon as I can!

Trendy red leather skirt outfits to copy

Your lack of courage and confidence holds you back from sporting eye-catching outfit elements? Next time you get bored of neutrals make sure you consider purchasing a nice leather skirt in red.

Sporty outfit with long red leather skirt and over the knee boots

For a cool take on the textbook style of a secretary make sure you purchase a black or colored leather pencil skirt. Whether you work to an office with a strict dress code or you love to wear these going out winter outfits, you may find a few inspiring ideas below. Show your feminine side with these outfits with a black pencil skirt.

Pairing these trendy skirts with lace tops, breezy blouses for summer allows you to build up a no-fuss ensemble. You can always copy some of these outfits if you are an older woman and include them in your wardrobe when you wonder how to dress at 50 years old woman. Don’t worry about the thickness of this texture.

Designers use different methods to produce style essentials from the thinnest types of leather or faux leather. Take a look at these leather pencil skirts outfits. Enjoy these pictures and others with these leather pencil skirts. Use them as inspiration and try to find different combinations in order to create funky festival outfits.

Smart casual black leather skirt outfit


Leather skirt outfit


Black leather skirt outfit


Leather skirt outfit with sweater

Summer leather skirt outfit
What to wear with a leather skirt
What to wear with leather pencil skirt
Long leather skirt outfit
What to wear with leather skirt

Leather pencil skirt outfits for stylish ladies

Source: www.lookbook.nu

So! Do you like my ultimate guide about how to wear a leather skirt?  Tell me in a comment bellow your opinion. I would love to hear it. In the same time, help me complete my style forecast with chic outfit ideas and product suggestions for black leather pencil skirt outfits. 🙂 Use the comment section below to tell me what color do you prefer for a leather skirt!

This piece of clothes is so versatile. You can always create casual black leather pencil skirt outfits. You can always wear replace your summer maxi skirt outfits with a black leather skirt during the hot season and also use them to create cute casual winter outfits. It depends on how you accessorize it or what shoes you choose to wear with it. It doesn’t matter if it’s sandals, high heels shoes, sneakers or boots. Everything will look perfect!

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Ruth Wright June 20, 2019 - 2:25 pm

Lovely black leather garment, has a very appealing look. I have a few in my wardrobe. I prefer one with a white long sleeve shirt, flat black leather shoes & no tights, very simple attire, perfect for any occasion. Love it!!!!!!!!

Adriana July 2, 2019 - 6:55 am

Thank you Ruth for telling me your opinion and for reading my post!!!
It was difficult for me to choose one look. I must confess that I also prefer a simple outfit, perfect for any occasion.:)

Thank you,

Jessica Guarnizo January 28, 2020 - 5:56 am

What a great compilation of looks and ideas! I have one in my closet that I should bring out and start styling.


Adriana January 28, 2020 - 8:34 am

Thank you Jessica!:)

Lovely January 29, 2020 - 12:14 pm

These are all fab picks, love a high waisted leather skirt.


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Thank you Lovely!


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Johanna September 8, 2020 - 1:47 pm

Now I’m ready to rock my pencil leather skirt!👌🏼👌🏼 Thnx for the ideas on how to look stunning on my leather skirt 😘

Adriana September 21, 2020 - 8:56 am

Thank you very much, Johanna!

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