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Best Women Summer Festival Outfits To Copy In 2023

by Adriana
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Summer Festival Outfits

Is there anyone who doesn’t like music festivals? Maybe… But, I am the kind of person who love them, especially when it’s hot outside.  Besides, I like the idea of being fancy every time, to try the best summer festival outfits, to feel splendid and have fun… 

Anyway… because of that, I think all the time how to dress for a festival before I go to one. And that’s why, mapping out a selection of possible summer festival outfits, it’s my way of dealing with the lack of inspiration when it comes about what to wear to a music festival.

You know how it is: you have the tickets…, a crew of friends…, the location and the date when the festival begins… Starting from that moment, you have to think about what clothes you have to pack in your suitcase.

I don’t know about you, but I like to imagine for each concert how am I supposed to dress, because…, most of the time, the music festivals that I am going to, are not in my hometown. 2

Lucky you, if the festival is in your hometown! 🙂 You’ll have the privilege to change your clothes each time you feel uncomfortable or to adapt your music festival outfits to the weather conditions.

No doubt, music festivals from all over the world, have become events where, aspiring trendsetters and even celebrities, have the possibility to express their wildest and super-creative ideas, for summer festival outfits. Join the fashion crowd! It’s your time to shine!

For that, I invite you to find a selection of festival outfits, that might inspire you when you have a lack of inspiration, like I do… sometimes 🙂 ! Let’s discover together what to wear at a festival or how to dress for a festival.

What to wear to a music festival

Festival fashion outfit ideas, moved on, from cliché ( as uber-many floral crowns) to experimental and unpredictable. Literally nothing is off-limit! Oversized band T-shirts or granny style dresses with combat boots, are definite game-changers.

In case of concert series that take place in a wild and green area, rubber boots and raincoats are a ‘must‘. In addition, I advise you to sacrifice your flirty style ambitions for comfort. Instagram and Facebook-worthy looks can be easily put together with shorts, jeans, Boho maxi dresses and other staples. Think at heels and platforms only if the setting makes it possible to wear them. You don’t want to become a celebrity in festival fail army videos! Oh nooooo!

On the other hand, if you had to make a long, long way to get to the party center, make sure you think out your summer festival outfits carefully. Bye bye style meltdowns and funky surprises!

However, is important to choose some essentials before you conceive your looks for a festival. Starting from these suggestions, you can choose from a selection of pictures I selected for you, according to these essentials.

Don’t be surprised if you’ll be approached by flashing cameras or phones. Leave your serious and mature self at home. Think of you festival looks as a manifesto of your originality.

What to wear to a festival

When you wonder what to wear to festival, I must say that comfort is the key: And it seems like I am not the only one who has this opinion. According accesscreative.ac.uk and womanandhome.com, festivals can be a long day of standing, and dancing, and walking around. That’s why, you should opt for comfortable clothing and shoes like flowy dresses, shorts, a graphic tee, and sneakers.

  • Layers

Because festivals can go from hot to chilly in a matter of minutes, you should bring with you a light jacket, an oversized layer  or a sweater that you can tie around your waist. In that way, you can create wonderful festival looks but protective in the same time when we talk about rainy or chilly weather.

  • Accesories

Festivals are the perfect place to show off your accessories and copy outstanding summer festival outfit ideas that you can find in this pots. Try a cute hat, statement jewelry, and a cross-body bag to keep your hands free to dance. Besides, you don’t want to lose you phone or some other stuff you are caring with you. You need them so, you need a place to store them.

  • Clothes to wear to a festival

Think practical: With all the dust and crowd, it’s better to avoid high maintenance clothing and opt for clothes that are washable and wrinkle-resistant. Besides, you should add some color to your clothes. Festivals are all about having fun and expressing yourself, so don’t be afraid to add some colorful clothes to your wardrobe.

What hats to wear to a festival

Probably you will wonder: why a hat? Well, before I start this style guide for music festival looks, I’ve searched on the internet for other bloggers opinions, because is always nice to have them. I must say I found many and interesting ideas.

But, the idea that a hat is a must for a summer music festival, I found it in a trend trend report, also about what to wear to a festival written by an well known blogger Vanessa ( you can follow this link in order to read her report about summer festival outfits https://stylishlyme.com/what-to-wear/what-to-wear-to-a-music-festival/#).

In this post, Vanessa, suggests that, even if most of us, think that, wearing a hat to a summer music festival is just an accessory for the outfit, in reality, a wide-brimmed hat is protecting your skin from the sun. So, it’s healthy to wear a wide-brimmed hat!!! Don’t hesitate to wear it!

Now, that we’ve established the importance of wearing a wide-brimmed hat, it’s time to see also some images for inspiration. I will start with Vanessa’s suggestion for coachella outfit.

Coachela Outfit


I spy with my little eye the grooviest and snazzy crochet jumpsuit. Amazing how quickly you can go back in time and bring back the ‘Joplin’ vibe of old-time festivals with boots, a hat and crochet bags.

What to Wear to a festival


Pharell did pass on the love for these ‘Happy hats’. Keep the rest low-key with a sheer mini or midi dress, chokers and black boots.

What boots to wear for a summer festival outfit


What leather belts to wear to an outdoor music festival

I like the idea of wearing a leather belt. From my point of view, it’s an accessory that put your silhouette in evidence and you can also use it for a practical purpose, like, for your pants. You can use it for a visual correspondence with the shoes… 

And I think that leather is suitable for a belt, when we talk about an coachella look, because festivals are like something for hippie people… It’s probably because of the Boho vibe…

Year after year we see the lace dress pop up in its coolest and loveliest way at music festivals. Give to your set a Boho vibe with multiple leather belts and chic ankle boots.

Summer festival outfit


Leaders of the style pack know all about mixin’n’matching bright shades. A red off-shoulder flamenco style top, lace shorts, a leather belt and bright pink ankle boots, what a reckless and daring move for festival outfits women can wear! 

Festival outfits women


What to wear to a music festival


Knee-high lace-up boots to Wear to a festival

These knee-high lace-up boots are not my favorite kind of footwear to wear to a summer festival, but, if you don’t have anything else, this could be an alternative. Besides, you can perk them nicely with flowy dresses. You can read some ideas about summer festival outfits here https://www.collegefashion.net/fashion-tips/what-to-wear-to-music-festivals/ .

So, if the festivals bring out the Queen Bee in you? Confidence is everything when it comes to this sylph-like mini dress, knee-high lace-up boots and breezy kimono, all in alluring shades.


Summer Festival Outfits For Women


Summer music festival outfits


what to wear to outdoor music festival


Short pants for summer music festival outfits

Short pants are perfect for this kind of parties: comfortable, your not too hot when wearing them, they are not voluminous in your luggage… However, you have to be careful when you decide to wear something. 

Even if we talk about a festival, you have to think that you should wear decent outfits. A festival doesn’t mean to transform yourself into another person. Don’t dress in a way that you won’t feel comfortable to show up in your parents house. You can read here, more about this: https://www.allure.com/gallery/festival-style-guide .

Give it up for the all time favorite summer festival outfits and wear a romper with boots. Regardless of your figure, you’ll feel flirty and stylish wearing this timeless piece.

what do i wear to a festival



Whether you’re a vet or a first timer in music festival style you just can’t go wrong with an off-shoulder top and a pair of shorts. Belts, chokers, hats and booties or sandals help you blend into or stand out from the crowd.

comfortable festival outfits


I just love the anti-fashion ambitions of so many festival goers. No need to make a fuss about whether everything fits and looks neat. Throw on a button up tank top, a pair of shorts and survival boots! Bijoux are optional. You can wear this club outfit with shorts to a party. Would you?

what to wear to a festival


Mini skirts to wear for a festival

Mini skirts should not be your first choice for a summer music outfit. Why? I find them not very comfortable to wear, but there are many girls who prefer a mini skirt instead of a pair of shorts when creating girls festival wear.

In this case, double denim is on and will continue to fascinate us. A 3 or 5-day festival allows you to play out plenty of same- or different colored combos.

You can dress like that when you think to a summer outfit for going out with your friends or you are looking for a casual drinks outfit with a mini skirt.

what do i wear to a festival


Crochet looks vintage and old. I hear that a lot! But that, doesn’t mean this can be included in casual outfits for  50 year old woman

You’ll need a few inspiring pictures with music festival outfits like this one that change the way you think of similar miniskirt and cropped top sets.

how to dress for a music festival


You don’t have to party in the dessert to be able to sport a similar white long-sleeve dress with ‘heat-reflecting powers’. It looks just as fantastic also in the concrete jungle or at a city festival.

Top it with a long suede vest for a Woodstock feel. I just love this kind of leather skirt outfit with a mini skirt.

what do you wear to festivals


The crop top and the choker saved this outfit from being Western chic at its ‘worst’. Instead, this trendsetter managed to tone down the Cowgirl Jane look and offer us a perfect example of originality.

If outside is not to cold you could wear this outfit with miniskirt, during fall music festivals or, why not, you could use this picture as inspiration, in order to create club outfits for cold weather.

easy festival outfits


A festival is a free pass to being free-spirited also when it comes to your black skirt outfits. Deep V-neck psychedelic print frocks, booties and retro sunglasses continue to set the ‘Purple Haze’ atmosphere for the event.

what do people wear to festivals


Floaty bohemian dresses

What to wear to a summer festival ? If it’s too hot outside, you can chose to wear this kind of dress. Sometimes, I feel easier to wear a dress then a pair of short or long pants, even when we talk about a festival. 

But, you should pay attention at your footwear… there is very crowd there and if you wear sandals, someone can step on your foot…

I found another source of inspiration when it comes about summer festival outfits. You can read it, if you are looking for more ideas of outfits with floaty bohemian dresses: https://www.thezoereport.com/p/what-to-wear-to-a-music-festival-5-simple-outfits-you-only-need-two-pieces-to-pull-off-16988433.

Have you thought about swapping your floral crown for a dapper printed dress, denim shirt or jeans? Make sure you don’t over saturate your summer festival outfit with a single pattern.

what to wear to a summer festival


Modest coachella outfits


What to wear for festival


Funky festival outfits with long skirts

Like maxi dresses, long skirts could be a choice when you wonder what to wear to a rock festival. I would say that this should be a second option for you, but it depends on you. 

Maybe you like more to wear a long skirt outfit to a music festival, then a pair of shorts or jeans. Here you can find other useful ideas about what to wear to a music festival, if you are interested: https://www.whowhatwear.co.uk/music-festival-outfits/slide32 .

Double up on nonchalance and comfort with this white skirt outfit! Lace insertions might seem too much but are in perfect contrast with muddy combat boots for special summer maxi skirt outfits.

Summer festival outfits with long white skirts


Funky festival outfits with long skirts


women festival outfits


Mini dresses for festival outfits ideas

Mini dresses or hippie dresses, matched with many jewellery and accessories, are pretty interesting to wear when we talk about a summer music festival… 

They are not at all comfortable and it’s a challenge to wear them, but, we know that festival outfits are about self expression and if a mini dress is the way you chose to express yourself… then do it!!!

There are some artists who expressed their opinion about how to dress to a summer festival. I loved this post and I think you should read it too. Please, follow the link here: https://www.elitedaily.com/p/what-to-wear-to-a-music-festival-according-to-music-festival-performers-15720394 and after that, see also my propositions for an festival outfit ideas with a mini dress.

What to wear to a music festival in summer? How about a knit mini dress with a peek-a-boo effect nicely exposing the shade of your lingerie or better, swimsuit.

Boots and Bohemian jewelry are props to turn you into a goddess. Be careful, this kind of dress is not suitable for winter date outfits. It’s too provocative and you might give a wrong impression.

What to wear to outdoor music festival


Back to the basics! Ethnic print shirt dresses continue to dominate the rock festival outfits. Why lose the idea of wearing something that has been tried and tested for decades? I just love this kind of summer festival outfits. They are perfect!

Mini dresses for festival outfits ideas


festival ideas outfits


Best music festival outfits with short jeans

Don’t you think that, short jeans are the piece of clothes, the most practical to choose when we talk about summer musical outfits? Except maybe, long jeans. 

Well, they are short, so you are not too hot when wearing them, they are practical so you can sit every where and you want… the color is perfect…  I found the same idea about short jeans here, in case you want to read: https://thecarousel.com/beauty/fashion/fashion-news-trends/best-worst-things-wear-music-festival/ .

Let’s break down this high-street and oh-so-comfy festival look! An outfit with a pair of denim shorts, a white off-shoulder top, ankle boots and eventually a cool bandana, retro chic sunnies and a set of glam temporary tattoos. Success is guaranteed!



Fight the worst rep of mesh tops by recreating eye-catching a summer festival outfit for women ! Keep things super simple with a jeans short outfit, a black bra, and sneakers. Let your attitude do the talking!  


This summer outfit for teenage girl shows how obsessed are trendsetters with 60s, 70s festivals like Woodstock and Isle of Wight. Cut-out crochet bodysuits, timeless denim shorts and kimono style cardigans are real show-stoppers to turn heads with.

Summer festival outfits for women


Music festival outfit ideas are often hard to decipher. Like this roller girl meets flower power combo with ‘too many’ wooden accessories you can easily leave at home and still have a unique and mod look. 

what should i wear to a music festival


Trade bright prints for simplicity! Double denim is the ultimate formula with so many variations to inspire you. See also my trend report about what to wear with denim shorts in summer, if you want to see more inspirational outfits.

music festival dress up ideas


Sunglasses for cute outfits for music festivals

You have to protect your eyes !!! It’s a must! You have to wear sunglasses when going to a summer music festival… you have to protect also your skin!

Beat the heat with a printed maxi dress that looks rad regardless of your figure. Think practical and unique when it comes to accessories like cowgirl boots or hats.

comfortable music festival outfits


cute outfits for music festivals


what to wear to a music festival summer


Long jeans

While the hat is a bit too funky for me, I love the minimalist bralette and ripped jeans blend all topped with the loveliest lace cardigan worthy of a modern bride. Forget about the cardigan for cute party outfits with jeans.

music festival ootd


So classy and hip! Now is the time to complete your jeans arsenal with a pair of flared ones. Team your retro pants with an airy white blouse and block-heel booties or sandals for a casual summer outfit with jeans.

festival outfits ideas for older ladies


The Hippie spirit lives on thanks to fashionistas who continue to wear the coolest sheer tops, roughed-up jeans and iconic accessories like the wide-brim hat, Western boots and chokers. 

Try this kind of summer festival outfits when is cold outside. You could also copy the outfit from the image if you wonder for what to wear for clubbing female or you are searching for going out outfits with jeans.

what to wear to a festival in your 40 's


Knit dresses for music fest outfits

Wish I had kept the knit or crochet blankets from my granny! I could really turn them into music festival outfit ideas like this one. Colorful, original and at times even sassy. You might use it in order to create cute winter night out outfits.

music fest outfits


festival outfit ideas for over 40


cute outfits for music festivals


Comfortable footwear for folk festival outfits

That hat again! :)))) Ok, now it definitely rivals the eye-catching effect of the mermaid glitter top. However, ‘freedom of expressing your creativity’ is the ultimate motto of these events.

folk festival outfits


Vibrant colored knit dresses are definitely a thing of the moment. While festival girls try to create the Boho air, turquoise still has a contemporary and ‘haute’ vibe to it. 

Don’t worry, you don’t have to get messy to be a part of the stylish few! Rubber boots and a hat will do that for you. Love these kind of outfit ideas for music festivals.

music festival ootd


outfits to wear at a festival


Long pants

Like the author of the post written on culturacollectiva.com about stylish concert outfits ideas, I think that long pants are the best piece of clothes to wear to a music concert: they are comfortable, easy to match and very practical.

Earthiness is so vivid in this flower gal set. Suede pants, leather belts, floral printed tops and wooden jewelry all make reference to the Woodstock festival aesthetics.

what to wear to hippie fest


festival costume ideas


festival outfit inspo


Cross-body bags for cool festival outfits

Even if we talk about a festival, where theoretically you don’t need a bag because you bring nothing with you, a cross body bag it’s however useful. You can use it to carry your phone, your tickets, maybe your lipstick…

Some are saying that a backpack would be useful in this situation, but I think a cross-body bag is more practical, even is smaller. Here are some inspiring pictures that you can use.

cool festival outfits


casual festival outfits


festival outfit inspiration



You have to protect your skin from the sun. You have to use sun cream, but I strongly recommend you to have a bandana with you. 

You’ll going to need it to cover your neck during the day when the sun is strong. You can also use it to put it also on your had. Find here some examples to inspire you.


girls festival outfits


summer festival outfit


Fringe for festival chic outfits

I would not say that fringe are useful for a coachella outfit, except the fact they are nice and trendy. Besides, wearing fringe is something specific for the music festivals. 

You can wear a top with fringe, a skirt with fringe, a dress with fringe and why not, a purse with fringe… We only can admire them.

festival chic outfits


festival outfits for women


girl festival outfits


Long shirts or long cardigans

If you like the idea of wearing cardigans or long shirts, this might be a good occasion. This kind of clothes are suitable for a coachella outfits. But, let’s see the photos, because they speak better than words.

bohemian festival outfits


rock festival outfit ideas


festival outfits girls


Jackets for a festival look

For the days when is cold outside or for the chilly evenings, you have to have a jacket with you, It doesn’t have to be a leather jacket… Most of the time, a jacket made of jeans is very useful. Let’s see some summer festival outfit with jackets.

festival look


outfit for festival


cowgirl festival outfits


Whether you are there to see your favorite band or to hang out with the fashion tribe and show off your memorable outfit ideas for music festivals, it’s important at all times to feel comfortable in your skin. Imperfection is a keyword! Remember, you’re not at work or at a casting!

Work with what you have in your closet or invest in a few summerish pieces you’ll wear all throughout the season. Accessories can become your allies in taking a minimalist set and turning it into a statement ensemble paying tribute either to ultramodern or retro 60s festival trends.

Ideas for summer festival outfits are everywhere. Always take into consideration the setting, how many days you’ll spend at the event and weather conditions. Non-conformists and counter-culture fans gather each year to celebrate music and nowadays also fashion.

Step out of your comfort zone with unique chromatic combos or items sculpted from interesting textures OR stay true to your humble personality who wants to have fun without being in the spotlight. Enjoy your experience and hope you found some inspiring ideas for your next summer music festival outfits. If you did, tell me which one you have chosen 🙂 !

I hope that searching through these best festival outfits, you rock your festival outfit !

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