Beautiful 2017 Trendy Winter Skirts

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Before you decide shopping, you have to see these 2017 trendy winter skirts for women. I am sure you want to buy trendy clothes. At this moment, most of the stores have sales. Maybe you are lucky to find the winter skirts you like. With a good price, of course. Let’s take a look at these pictures with designers clothes on the catwalk. These fashion shows with fashion clothes will help you make good choices. Buy only winter skirts for women that you can match with the clothes you already have. Whether you buy long skirts, short skirts or pleated skirts, I am sure you’ll find a day to wear it. Here are some images with beautiful 2017 trendy winter skirts.

Beautiful 2017 Trendy Winter Skirts

During the winter season the long skirt is the most suitable. A long skirt with prints, a velvet skirt, a leather skirt or a pleated skirt. Designers included in their collections all type of skirts for all kind of tastes. Saint Laurent, Altuzarra and Sonia Rykiel created mono colored long ladies skirts, while Prada and Valentino preferred long skirts with prints. As you can see in these pictures, designers matched these long skirts for women with knee length boots. Perfect outfits or perfect 2017 trendy winter skirts for the cold season.

Beautiful 2017 Trendy Winter Skirts | Long skirts

Long skirts with prints

Beautiful long skirts for women

Leather skirt

Leather is the most suitable material for the cold season. Women want to be elegant but in the same time they want to wear comfortable clothes which provide warm during the cold season. That’s why creators tailored beautiful clothes for women, using leather. Elegance is the right word for these ladies skirts. Long leather skirts, short leather skirts, high waisted skirts or midi leather skirt.

All types of leather skirts that a women could want. And the most important thing, skirts with different colors: red leather, brown leather, orange, burgundy or cream leather skirts. Now that you have seen how to wear a leather skirt, you just have to buy one or more of these 2017 trendy winter skirts.

Knee length leather skirt

Short leather skirt for women

Long leather skirt

Knee length skirts

Knee length skirts always inspire elegance and beauty. Suitable for all sizes because it covers your surplus of weight, this midi skirts are very popular. Women love to wear them all. Beside, is not such a big difference of length between the long skirt and the midi one. Matched with knee length boots or the right sweater, you can create beautiful trendy high waisted skirt outfits. Designers use beautiful materials with beautiful prints so they can create beautiful designs for midi skirts. Personally I find these 2017 trendy winter skirts spectacular. It’s very difficult to choose one.

Knee length skirts for women

Knee length skirts for ladies

Trendy midi skirts for womens

Pleated skirt

The plated skirt is a very trendy skirt this year. In every designer’s collection we find this kind of skirt with different kind of length: long pleated skirt, maxi skirt, midi skirt or short skirt. So are the colors or the prints: diverse and spectacular. Those are the right words. Matched with shoes, sandals, ankle boots or knee length boots, these outfits with skirts are very popular during summer and winter. Alexander McQueen, Blumarine, Valentino and Fendi are few of the brands who included this creation on the list of 2017 trendy winter skirts. Let’s take a look at their proposals.

Long pleated skirts for women

Midi pleated skirts for women

Maxi pleated skirt for women

Short skirts

Suitable for the club outfits or for the goings out, these lovely short skirts creates the impression of a girlish aspect. Matched with high boots, shoes with heels or ankle boots, you will look thiner and taller. However, if you are a plus size woman, try to avoid this kind of outfit.

You don’t want to make a wrong impression. Carven and Felder propose a short skirt with a high waist made of a thin material. Instead Custo and Diesel Black Gold proposed short glossy skirts. Michael Kors‘s outfit is very suitable for a day at the office because of it’s formal aspect, while the brand No. 21’s proposal is the perfect match for a day at the beach or in vacation.

High waisted short skirts

Glossy short skirts

Colored short skirts

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Whether you like long skirts, short skirts, pleated skirts or high waisted skirts, designer’s thought to every one of you and created beautiful 2017 trendy winter skirts. Let me a comment with your opinion about these outfits. 🙂


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