Shoes With Block Heels For Women

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Looking for trendy shoes with block heels? You are in the right place! Finally something that allows you to walk elegantly without struggling to find your balance! 🙂 Shoes with block heels revolutionized modern day fashion trends. Jump on the comfy and refined shoe bandwagon all you trend-conscious women! Before shopping, take a look at these trendy block heel court shoes. Try to wear every day these black block heel shoes, mid block heel shoes, low block heel shoes or gold / silver block heel shoes. You won’t be disappointed.

Shoes With Block Heels

Boots and sandals are fine but nothing says ‘elegance‘ more than a pair of pumps. Indeed, stiletto heels are considered more fashionable and delicate by thousands of fashionistas. However, chunky heels have a huge comeback. Take a glimpse at the block heel shoes presented during the shows of brands like Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu and Francesco Scognamiglio.

Whether you’re planning to purchase a few pairs to complete your office sets or you’re preparing for a special event and need matching accessories, you’ll find plenty designs. Mono-chromatic womens shoes are selling like crazy, due to their reputation as easy-to-accessorize items. In addition, you have the chance to sport unique footwear embellished with decorative straps, embroidery and buckles.

Shoes With Block Heels | Block heel court boots

Shoes With Block Heels | Block heel court shoes

Shoes With Block Heels | Block heel court shoes for women

Black block heel shoes

Fortunately at this age we have the experience to decide which ladies shoes designs are worth the investment. We can assure you that you’ll never regret purchasing a pair of minimalist block heel shoes black. The truth is, we love neat and modern outfits, but we also love to add outstanding accessories to both office and casual chic ensembles.

Therefore, before you would nod your head ‘no‘ for the black heels designs we’ve selected from the runway, imagine them incorporated into your tried-and-tested sets. Choose the height of the heels according to your preferences! No more discomfort and painful experience! Ateliers like that of Altuzarra, Roberto Cavalli, Miu Miu and Salvatore Ferragamo teamed up pants suits, flirty frocks and even flared and cropped jumpsuits with these A-list wardrobe staples.

Shoes With Block Heels | Black block heel shoes

Shoes With Block Heels | Black block heel shoes for women

Shoes With Block Heels | Black block heel shoes for ladies

Low block heel shoes

It’s really nice to see that nowadays, you don’t have to rock sky-high heels to look feminine and refined. Kitten heels are appreciated both by couturiers that work at Prada, Chloé and Proenza Schouler as well as street style divas who publish their inspiring outfits on their well-known blogs. Accessories and everyday clothes you like wearing are the backbone of your wardrobe.

With the help of these examples for shoes with block heels, start the hunt for a pair of small block heel shoes you can use to top your skirt and blouse, jeans and work-wear with. We tend to limit ourselves to neutral tones. This year start a new episode in your shopping diary and look for colors! Lots of them! Besides their mood-boosting effect, pastels and vibrant tones are fascinating and have a fab impact on your clothing style. Give stilettos a break with these strappy or buckle block heel shoes.

Shoes With Block Heels | Low block heel shoes

Shoes With Block Heels | Low block heel shoes for women

Shoes With Block Heels | Low block heel shoes for ladies

Mid block heel shoes

According to fashion experts block mid heel shoes are pièces de résistance of the moment. Designers offer an accessible alternative to put aside stiletto heels in favor of more comfortable footwear styles. Skimming through the fashion shows for this year, you’ll find solid colored designs alongside more experimental and eclectic ones.

Pure white top combined with golden or brown colored heels as seen at Marni will make you say ‘ahhh‘. Also grey tones and velvet insertions spotted at Hermés and Phillip Lim convinced fashionistas that they should definitely embrace this massive trend. Shoes for women with mid-height heels are highly recommended both for tall and even petite women. See how these shoes with block heels create the ‘wow‘ factor paired with creative and inspired sets.

Shoes With Block Heels | Mid block heel shoes

Shoes With Block Heels | Mid block heel shoes for women

Shoes With Block Heels | Mid block heel shoes for ladies

Silver block heel shoes

Allow us to contradict you if you say for silver block high heel shoes, ‘I can’t pull that trend off‘. We’ve decided to use a few inspiring images from the collections of Erdem, Prada and Louis Vuitton to convince you. Metallic tones might seem too extravagant for your daily sets. However, noone will ever blame you for complementing an otherwise minimalist and simple ensemble with these fashion-forward accessories. Are we right? Silver tones can be easily associated with white, pastel purple and blue and other cold tones.

Platform boots are usually considered a lost cause for many of us, still there are kitten heels shoes and mid heel pumps that look fantastic when embedded into a festive or party chic outfit. Success lies in the details! 🙂

Shoes With Block Heels | Silver block heel shoes

Shoes With Block Heels | Silver block heel boots

Shoes With Block Heels | Silver block heel knee length boots

Gold block heel shoes

Block heel evening shoes went through a radical and spectacular evolution. According to numerous couturiers gold is the new black. Therefore, we suggest you to admire the trendy creations launched by Gucci, Toga, Prada and Dolce&Gabbana on the market. These peep toe block heel shoes and block high heel shoes will definitely give you the right amount of inspiration to shop for these beautiful fashion finds.

Matching gold shoelaces or multiple straps only add to the luxurious and sophisticated air of these accessories. You can associate your all white or black pant suits, neutral colored party dresses with golden pumps or booties. Also, you’ll find vibrant colored or dark blue pants that look chic when teamed up with style.

Shoes With Block Heels | Gold block heel shoes

Shoes With Block Heels | Gold block heel shoes for women

Shoes With Block Heels | Gold block heel shoes with straps

Red block heel shoes

Red shoes for women became the favorite items of street fashion divas and style creators for this year. We have seen these eye-catching accessories both on the catwalk and the red carpet. Indeed, if you’re into purchasing ‘statement‘ and not always practical items, we recommend you to go for it. The problem with similar trendy ankle boots and pumps is that you can’t match them with anything.

Office-appropriate outfits might not be the best pairing with unique and nontraditional footwear styles. However, if you are socializing a lot you may find a few special occasion to flaunt your eclectic clothing style. Dolce&Gabbana, Vivienne Westwood and other A-list designers encourage you to put your best fashion foot forward and live the moment.

Shoes With Block Heels | Red block heel shoes

Shoes With Block Heels | Red block heel shoes for women

Look no further if you need more inspiration! Let us know which trends of block heels booties and shoes are your favorite. 🙂



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