12 Spring Summer 2018 Color Trends You Should Definitely Try This Season

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Are you looking for the spring summer 2018 color trends? Are you trying to find which colors you should wear this year? Maybe there is something from the past year that you can still wear… but in the same time you think you should not miss the trends. You like the idea of being trendy and stylish.

Well, I must say I understand you… I know that feeling! It’s funny when I go shopping and I have done my home works. What do I mean? Well, I like (just like many other women all around the world) to inform myself about the new trends before shopping. And I feel satisfaction when I am shopping and I see all those clothes tailored and colored just the way I’ve seen them on the catwalk.

That is why today we are going to talk about this season colors trends.  As you probably already know, Pantone Institute of Color decides which colors are in trend for each season, but also which is the color of the year.

For the Spring Summer 2018 Color trends, the Institute Pantone defined a top of 12 colors palette based on this season designer’s collections. You can always create your spring-summer 2018 wardrobe by choosing 4 classic colors from this palette. Use them to create contrasts using the other eight colors.

Maybe you are wondering how designers decide which the spring summer 2018 color trends are. Well, it seems that consumer’s appetite for exploring and combining colors is the base of choosing this palette.  So, for this worm season, designers are using beautiful and bright colors in order to create vitality and optimism in fashion trends.

Well, if you cannot decide which color to choose as basic for the spring summer 2018, then you should know that Institute Pantone decided that Ultra Violet is the main color for the year 2018. They even created a new color this year named “Love Symbol #2”, a purple hue created in honor of international icon Prince. We all know that beautiful song named “Purple Rain” from the movie with the same name release in 1984. But it seems that the source of inspiration for Pantone Institute is the custom made Yamaha purple piano created for Prince to go on an international tour before he died at age 57. So this symbol, this color will always be associated with THE international icon – Prince.

Let’s see all these twelve beautiful fashion color trends in 2018 so we can decide what we are going to buy and wear this season. Try to be trendy and see which are the spring/summer 2018 fashion trends to follow this year.

Spring Summer 2018 Color Trends – Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet, the color of the year 2018 is, according to Pantone Institute, a color which inspires us to create originals and visionary things. It seems that, this color was very inspiring for designers in order to create beautiful, simples and specials clothes. We can admire some of La Perla and Carolina Herrera creations in these images.

Ultra Violet - main color from spring summer 2018 color trends

Cherry Tomato

If you want to be remarked by others, don’t hesitate to wear cherry tomato colored clothes. This red color with shades of orange demands attention and makes you a courageous person that cannot be ignored. It also inspires heat and energy. Feel free to wear it whenever you want to impress.

Cherry tomato for spring summer 2018 color trends

Palace Blue

This color suggests energy. Wear it simple when you want to impress and mix it with other bright colors during the cloudy days of spring summer 2018 season. Maybe this will help you feel the days as if they were brighter days.

Palace blue for spring/summer 2018 color trends

Ash Rose

When you say rose you think of a beautiful bright and worm color. But this hue is different. It has the worm of the rose flower but also the dark shade of the ash. As the Institute Pantone says, this is a sophisticated and earthy color.

Ash Rose - the color to wear in the 2018 hot season

Nile Green

Nile Green is a beautiful worm color that brings serenity and a fresh air for the palette of spring summer 2018 color trends. Wear it in order to feel optimist and fresh.  Let’s see how this color was presented by designers on the catwalk in the spring summer 2018 season.

Nile Green For Spring-Summer 2018 Color Trends


The bright color of yellow brings joy and illuminates our lives and also the color palette for 2018 Spring/ Summer color trends. It’s a bold color that I found in many designers’ collections. It was hard for me to choose only three pictures in order to present this color shade.

Meadowlark For Spring-Summer 2018 Color Trends

Blooming Dahlia

The blooming dahlia seems to be a peach color but with a darker shade. We might say that it’s earthy, just like the ash color. However, despite his dark shade, the blooming dahlia it’s worm and pleasant. I find it suitable for the spring summer 2018 collection.

Blooming Dalia For Spring Summer 2018 Color Trends

Spiced Apple

As the name suggests, this color is bold and dark. You can wear it when is a cloudy and a rainy weather outside and you do not feel like wearing bright colors. However, the darkness of this color will not help you feel better. But you can always wear it during the evening. It’s a color suitable for such events.

Spiced Apple For Spring 2018 Color Trends

Pink Lavender

Pink Lavender it’s a beautiful, worm and creamy color. This soft color makes me think to the beautiful smell of lavender but it makes me think also at a creamy cranberries ice cream.  This color is for sure one of my favorites and you should certainly include it on your list for the spring/ summer 2018 color palette.

Ping Lavender For Summer 2018 Color Trends

Almost Mauve

It’s not mauve but it is something creamy with a light and discreet shade of mauve.  A soft, a bright and a gentle color which makes us think to the shiny and hot days. I am happy to discover the almost mauve color in the palette of spring/summer 2018 color trends.

Almost Mauve For The Hot Summer 2018 Color Trends

Rapture Rose

Looking for a creamy strawberry ice cream? Maybe some romance? Wearing this beautiful color, you will charm people around you. This bold color will put you in the center of attention.  You will impress with your optimism and also with your courage to wear it. Not many people are so brave to wear it.

Rapture Rose For Spring/ Summer 2018 Color Trends

Lime Punch

A combination between yellow and green, the lime punch it’s a strident and a striking color. It’s a pungent color. Personally, I find difficult to wear it because of that. But we are not all the same, so I am sure that among you there are big fans of this lime punch color.

Lime Punch For Spring/ Summer 2018 Color Trends

Well, I do not know about you, but I surely like wearing the worm colors from the spring summer 2018 color trends palette. I am sure I will also wear the bold colors, especially when is cold or rainy outside… I know, I know… I should wear worm colors these days too… for my well beeing, but it’s not always it should be.

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