55 Amazing Black Pencil Skirt Outfit Ideas

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Like many other women, I like to follow the latest trends in fashion and because of that, I find myself wondering what should I wear today and be trendy? When it comes about what to wear with a black pencil skirt, the answer is not simple. There are endless possibilities… our imagination is the only limit.

That’s why, I searched on the internet for black pencil skirt outfits that I could use as inspiration from time to time. You have to agree with me when I say that, a black pencil skirt outfit can always be integrated in any wardrobe. Even if the fashion crowd is open to new trends, some style staples like the coolest black pencil skirt outfits are still promoted and appreciated. In this post you can see an overall image on some voguish outfits with a black pencil skirt.

The classic black skirt may seem to lack any creativity. But the shops offers are so diverse for pencil skirts. However, hundreds of fashionistas need a few predictably stylish outfit ideas. Moreover, you can also stand out from the crowd by pairing these black skirts for women with festival chic tank tops, cropped blouses and even denim shirts. For sure you will find here some beautiful black pencil skirt outfits that you’re going to like.

Elegant black skirt outfit ideas equal casual perfection. Develop your personal style and find new street wear fashion combos that allow you to have fun while shopping for new clothes for women. Retailers want to let you know that pencil skirts are not only for size 0 girls. Curvy silhouettes look just as fabulous when combined with the chicest skirts of this year’s fashion with buckles, fringes or zippers.

I am sure that you are tempted to embrace these black skirts outfit ideas, too. To do that, you should take a look at these black pencil skirt outfits. In case you are wondering what to wear with a black pencil skirt, I hope you’ll find the answer in these pictures. Choose to wear an outfit with a black pencil skirt and you will be always trendy.

Black pencil skirt outfits

Black pencil skirt outfits are quintessential elements of a work or semi-formal wardrobe. This is definitely not an understatement if you’re looking at past collections of well-known designers. The mono-colored pencil skirt proved to be a basic item to compose elegant sets.

What to wear with a black pencil skirt? Let us show you a few examples collected from our favorite street fashion sites. Take a closer look at these images. You will learn what to wear with a black pencil skirt.

1.Knee-length designs that create the impression of longer legs and a slender silhouette are sported for summer casual work outfits. The accessories as well as the tops you team your ‘in vogue’ long black pencil skirt with make the difference.  Our top recommendation is the black tube skirt with high waist.

Black pencil skirt outfits


2. Find your own way to mix and match shirts, blouses and even t-shirts with these pencil skirts for work. These are inspiring pictures that gives you the answer to the question what to wear to work in summer with pencil skirts.

Pencil skirt outfits for work

3. If you follow the coolest street wear blogs on the net, you’ll definitely observe a wind of change in the way designers see the black pencil skirt.

How to wear black pencil skirts

4. Oversized sweaters will add a nonchalant air to your sets whereas refined and girly tops or shirts are super-elegant when combined with these staples.

Office black pencil skirt outfits with flat shoes

Source: www.lookbook.nu

5. Kim Kardashian is one of the non-traditional style influencers. Follow her footsteps and nail down a similar ‘good girl gone bad’ look with a button down short cardigan.

Follow Kim Kardashian footsteps and nail down a similar black pencil skirt look


6.Long black pencil skirts have made a surprising debut in the runway shows of the last season. We were looking forward to see trendsetters rock suggests how to wear long skirts casually on the street.

Long black pencil skirts outfits

7. The fashion flock just can’t deny the refined air emanated by neutral tones. The relation of designers with black is an on and off love story.

Fashionable long black pencil skirt outfit


8. These images with black pencil skirt outfits, prove that you should incorporate the pencil skirt outfit into your wardrobe. Match them with romantic tops and shirts embellished with creative details and prints.

What to wear with a black pencil skirt

9. Are you looking inspiration for your outfits at work? Try to mach a shirt with a high waist black long pencil skirt. The result will be gorgeous.

Try to mach a shirt with a high waist black long pencil skirt


10. You don’t know how to wear a black pencil skirt when is cold outside? Here are two pictures that might help you next time when you have a lack of inspiration.

Learn how to wear a black pencil skirt when is cold outside

11. Be casual and sweet!!! Choose one of these outfits with a black pencil skirt.

Be casual and sweet with one of these long black pencil skirt outfits

12. Even if it’s rainy, snowy or cold, that should not be an impediment for you when you want to be gorgeous. Next pictures are the proof that I am right.

Try this pencil skirt outfits when is rainy or cold outside

13. High waisted black pencil skirts are my favorite choices. I just love these outfits!!! Don’t you? And speaking of love, if you wonder what to wear on a casual first date I would suggest you these outfits.

High waisted black pencil skirts outfits are a good choice for your wardrobe

www.redreidinghood.com; aelida.com; bmodish.com; www.studded-hearts.com

14. See the images selected by our team and decide how you want to sport a pencil skirt for a summer going out outfit with your friends or during  the working days. 

What to wear with black pencil skirt on a summer day

15. Fashion experts assure you that the classy women’s black pencil skirt should not be cut from your basic wardrobe.

The classy women's black pencil skirt outfit should not be cut from your basic wardrobe


16. This time go for a few pencil skirt outfits similar to the ones listed in our trend report. Tank tops, simple T-shirt and even summerish thick tops look gorgeous in a combo with these clothes. Copy this outfit for a nice summer club outfit.

Tank tops, simple T-shirt look gorgeous in a combo with a black pencil skirt


17. Put together a few high waisted skirt outfits by choosing the texture and length that suits you and obviously, the occasion!

Put together a black high waisted skirt outfit with high heels and a printed long sleeves blouse


18. Whether you’re petite or tall, super-skinny, normal or plus size, I guarantee you, there is a black high waisted pencil skirt outfit for you out there. Even the crop top is perfect when you wonder how to dress for a music festival, the association with the black pencil skirt and the flat sandals makes us think more to a casual summer outfit.

Whether you're petite or tall, super-skinny, normal or plus size, try a black high waisted pencil skirt outfit like this


19. Also, if you prefer minimalist looks for your night out outfits, go for classic and neat skirt designs instead of club outfits with shorts. On the other hand, we also suggest you to try on a few distressed or ripped styles or, if you are not satisfied, to take a look and see what you could wear with shorts. Just for fun! 🙂

If you prefer minimalist looks go for classic and neat black pencil skirt designs


20. In case you want to create a professional and mature look, put on a high-waisted skirt that sits lower and will not concentrate purely on your bust, choose a white or neutral colored shirt or a lovely blouse and stilettos. Is not exactly the outfit that should be included in old lady outfits, but if you are an older woman you can adapt it to your style.

A high-waisted black pencil skirt that sits lower and a white shirt and stilettos


21. Flared skirts stole our heart, but some fashionistas feel like these designs seem a bit too romantic for occasions like: a meeting, an interview, a night at the club, etc. If you share their view, go for the tight skirt outfit as the one presented below.

Go for the black tight skirt outfit as this one


22. In case you’re into versatile textures experiment with velvet, lace or chiffon. Keep leather skirt outfits, distressed denim and sequin for party events or weekends. Also valid for crop tops and off-shoulder blouses.

Try an outfit with a black pencil skirt, an off-shoulder blouse and nude stilettos


23. From basic office style essentials, black pencil skirts became a real obsession for the fashion squad. We’ve spotted numerous celebrities wearing this type of ladies skirt paired with cropped printed tops, loose blouses and silky shirts. Include this outstanding outfit in your going out summer outfits.

The black pencil skirt outfit from this image is a really obsession


24. Mix a minimalist design with a back-slit or lace insertion with a simple white tank, also with lace to impress all your fashionista besties.

Mix a minimalist design with a back-slit or lace insertion with a simple white tank


25. High-rising black pencil skirts serve as perfect semi-formal outfit elements that look gorgeous both with short- or long-sleeve blouses like the one below. Lovely way to style summer skirts.

High-rising black pencil skirts look gorgeous both with short- or long-sleeve blouses like the one below


26. Most of your OOTDs are centered around comfort? Here’s an on trend combo of a black fitting pencil skirt and an equally ‘hip’ off-shoulder grey top. Sneakers are a cool addition to this set.

On trend combo of a black fitting pencil skirt and an equally 'hip' off-shoulder grey top


27. Up the elegance of your date or work outfit by jumping on the off-shoulder top trend.

Up the elegance of your date or work outfit by jumping on the off-shoulder top trend and a black pencil skirt


28. Decide the length according to your preferences and the attractive features you want to emphasize.

Decide the length of your top and your lace black pencil skirt according to your preferences


29. Black may attract the warmth of the sun. However, designers come to your rescue with textures that allow your skin to breathe. Thigh-high slits, versatile patterns and high-waist hems should be the details to look for. You might include this outfit in your list of cute outfits for dinner dates or winter date night outfits.

High-waist black skirt outfit


30. Denim has a casual air, however, famous fashionistas managed to incorporate this texture into party chic and even work wear. Wondering what to wear when going out for drinks? How about this outfit?

Denim has a casual air, however, famous fashionistas managed to incorporate this texture into party chic black pencil skirt outfits


31. If you are no stranger to recreating some of the sets presented in the resort collections, I highly advise you to go black. Choose this oh-so-fashionable shade for work, school or a trip to a tourist destination. Copy these ideas of a black skirt outfit and keep an eye on the offers of fashion stores.

32. The coolest black skirt outfit ideas quickly found a fan base among businesswomen who prefer clean tailoring and a classic flair. Opt for mini, midi or black pencil skirts designs.

33. It might seem that the black skirt is boring and it doesn’t need to much attention. Maybe you are right. But studding the stores offers for black skirts I found so many types of them… The offer is so versatile and you can create many types of outfits with this black skirt matched with different clothes for women. 

34. These plus size trendsetters are not afraid of showing off their curvy forms. Feel your best by recreating some of these black pencil skirt outfits. 

35. Opt for leather if you prefer textures that allow you to manipulate the overall image of your silhouette. On the other hand, cotton and designs decorated with sequins, zippers or other metallic details are also popular among trend-conscious women. A bodycon skirt in black still remains a top alternative if you want to create an stylish office wear. 

36. Keep things simple with a nice shirt, a pair of ankle boots or stilettos as well as delicate jewelry. When you’re around your friends at a party or casual event you can also sport these chic items with denim shirts, short tops and peplum blouses. You can wear this outfit also to your first date.

37. Pencil skirts have proven themselves to be quintessential elements to a flirty and feminine wardrobe. Make matching sets with bright and neutral colored pieces, stripes has won hundreds of fans among trendsetters. 


Let me know which black pencil skirt outfit ideas did you like? Leave me a comment 🙂 ! I would love to here your opinion about these beautiful black pencil skirts outfits. But if you like wearing trousers more then a skirt, you could take a look at my trend reports about how to dress up for a party with jeans , how to wear black culottes or what boots to wear with skinny jeans.

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